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Profometer® 600 Concrete Cover Meter

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Profometer Pm-600 1.5M Touchscreen

The Profometer 600 is used for rebar location, diameter, and concrete cover using eddy current. It uses electromagnetic pulse induction technology to detect rebars. Multiple coil arrangements in the probe are periodically charged by current pulses and generate a magnetic field. On the surface of any electrically conductive material which is in the magnetic field eddy currents are produced, and induce a magnetic field in the opposite direction. The resulting change in voltage can be utilized for the measurement.

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  • Easy and immediate data interpretation with 2D grid and statistical views.
  • Dualcore processor for fast data acquisition software for efficient custom reporting.
  • Profometer touchscreen with illustrative display and assisted workflow for on-site post-processing of the measured data, rugged housing for harsh environments.
  • 7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with dual core processor
  • Measurement Modes: Rebar location, diameter estimation, cover measurement and data acquisition
  • Internal 8 GB flash memory
  • Profometer Link to download saved data to a PC for analysis and export to third party applications
  • Advanced signal processing allows localization of a rebar, determination of the cover and estimation of the rebar diameter. This method is unaffected by all non conductive materials such as concrete, wood, plastics, bricks etc. However any kind of conductive materials within the magnetic field will have an influence on the measurement.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Cover Measuring Range:Up to 185 mm (7.3")
    Cover Measuring Accuracy:±1 mm to ±4 mm (0.4" to 0.16")
    Measuring Resolution:Depending on diameter and cover
    Path Measuring Accuracy on Smooth Surface:±3 mm (0.12") + 0.5% to 1.0% of measured length
    Display:7" color display 800 x 480 pixels
    Diameter Measuring Range:Up to 63 mm (2.5")
    Diameter Measuring Accuracy:±1 bar size
    Memory:Internal 8 GB Flash memory
    Regional Settings:Metric and imperial units and multi-language supported
    Battery:Lithium Polymer, 3.6V, 14.0 Ah
    Battery:Lifetime >8h (in standard operating mode)
    Mains:9 V - 15 V / 2.0 A
    Weight (of display device):About 1,525 g (incl. Battery)

    Operating Temperature:
    0°C - 30°C (Charging, running instrument)
    0°C - 40°C (Charging, instrument is off)
    -10°C - 50°C (Non-charging)
    Humidity:<95% RH, non condensing
    IP Classification:IP54
    Standards and Directives:CE certification

Delivery Content

Profometer PM-600 including Profometer Touchscreen, universal probe with probe cart, probe cable 1.5 meter (5 ft), battery charger, USB cable, chalk, DV with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case 


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