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Mikrotest® Coating Thickness Gauges

Article No. 11030

Manual Mikrotest, GM5 (0-4 mils)

The MikroTest is a highly durable coating thickness measurement gauge to enable the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on steel using magnetic adhesive force. A metal casing makes it highly robust and resistant against harsh environmental conditions. 

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  • The MikroTest is ideally suited to the non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings such as lacquers, enamels, chrome and zinc on ferromagnetic basis material (steel)
  • It has been the most widely used coating thickness gauge in the world over the last 40 years
  • International patents and production ensure that the gauge has the highest technical standards of all analog magnetic coating thickness gauges.
  • Uses magnetic attraction principle according to DIN EN ESO 2808, method 7A
  • Made from heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing
  • Measuring range up to 20 mm
  • Can be used in all positions because of the weight compensation: horizontal, vertical, overhead
  • Measurement also possible on curved surfaces
  • Battery-free operation
  • Gauges come certified
  • Manual MikroTest has two versions:
    • MikroTest 5 G - Measuring range 0 - 100 µm, suitable for electroplating and paint coatings on steel
    • MikroTest 5 F - Measuring range 0 - 1.000 µm, suitable for paint coatings on steel
  • Automatic MikoTest has several versions:
    • MikroTest 6 G - Measuring range 0 - 100 µm, suitable for electroplating and paint coatings on steel
    • MikroTest 6 F - Measuring range 0 - 1.000 µm, suitable for paint coatings on steel
    • MikroTest 6 S3 - Measuring range 0,2 - 3 mm, suitable for enamel, plastics or rubber on steel
    • MikroTest 6 S10 - Measuring range 2.5 - 10 mm, suitable for enamel, plastics, rubber or fire protection coatings on steel
  • MikroTest Zn/Fe - The Mikrotest Zn/Fe does the conversion for you by displaying values in oz/ft.2. No more need for conversion charts or calculations. Thickness is displayed on a large scale in units of Oz./Ft.2 Great for evaluating electrolytic and hot-dip. Galvanized over steel and has faster evaluations. There are no computations or conversion tables required.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Range:0 - 4 mils0 - 40 mils8 - 120 mils.1 - .4 inch0 - 2.2 oz/ft.2
    Application:Electroplating and thin paint coatings on steel (ST 33 to ST 60)Paint on steel (ST 33 to ST 60)Enamel, plastic
    and rubber on steel (ST 33 to ST 60)
    Electrolytic and Hot-Dip Galvanized over Steel
    Tolerance:±.04 mils or 5% of the reading±.2 mils or 5% of the reading± 5% of the reading± 5% of the reading.025 oz./ft.2 or 5% of the reading
    Minimum Surface:.8" dia.1.2" dia.1.2" dia.4" dia..8 inch dia.
    Min Curvature Radius of the Samples:.2" convex/ 1" concave.32" convex/ 1" concave.6" convex/ 1" concave.8" convex/ 1" concave-
    Min Base Thickness:.040".040".060".080".040"
    Ambient Temperature:-4°F - 212°F (-20°C - 100°C)
    Dimensions:Gauge - 8.5"x 2.2"x1.2" (215 mm x 55 mm x 29 mm)
    Plastic carrying case - 9.3"x3.4"x1.8" (235 mm x 185 mm x 46 mm)
    Weight:1lb (560 g)


All instruments conform to national and international standards: DIN EN ISO 2178, DIN 50982, ASTM B 499, E 376, D 1186, G 12, B 530, BS 5411, ISO 2361


The measurement of the coating thickness is based on magnetic attraction. The attractive force is related to the distance between a permanent magnet and a steel substrate. This distance represents the thickness of the coating to be measured. The magnet is lifted from the surface by means of a spring connected to the magnet arm. The force needed to lift the magnet is directly related to the angle of rotation of the torsion spring. This measuring principle is also especially suited for electroplated nickel on copper, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

Manual Mikrotest - Turn the scale wheel to the forward stop and then slowly turn the wheel backwards by hand until the magnet releases from the object to be measured.

Automatic Mikrotest - Before measuring the scale wheel is turned as far as it will go and once started the built-in locking mechanism automatically carries out the process of measurement.

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