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ZMM 5000 Road Marking Film Thickness Gauge

Article No. 14730

Road Marking FTG -12 mm to +12 mm w/case

Digital Measuring Gauge For Road Markings. The ZMM 5000 digital marking gauge enables you to get a fast and precise determination of the dry film thickness of road markings and similar coatings.

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  • Digital display with reliable measuring results within seconds and easy to handle

  • Measurements relative to the substrate or to the marking itself are possible (upwards and downwards measurements)

  • Optional bridge for measurements over the whole width of the marking to sketch a cross section as well as for representative measurements on wide road markings

  • For all types of road markings with or without drop-on materials and reflective beads

  • For direct measurements on site on the road or of samples in the laboratory

  • For national traffic authorities, road laboratories, manufacturers of road markings and contractors

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Material:Anodized aluminum, red
    Weight:880 g
    Measuring Range:-12.5 mm to +12.5 mm
    -0.5" to +0.5" (optional)
    Resolution:10 μm
    Bearing of Surface:min. 50 mm x 80 mm
    Standards:DIN EN 13197, DIN EN 13212
    Warranty:2 year guarantee
    Digimatic Indicator:1 year


  1. Place the marking gauge with the three feet onto or beside the marking to be measured
  2. Press the measuring arm downwards until it is on the marking or, respectively on the substrate
  3. Read off the measurement value
  4. Optional measuring bridge is placed on the substrate on both sides of the marking

Delivery Content

Comes with case

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