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Certified Coating Thickness Standards

Article No. 11218

Gardco Certified 5 Pc Std Set - Fe

  • Certified Fe Thickness Standard Set
  • 5 piece set
  • Ferrous measurement

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  • The Certified Coating Thickness Standards come in your choice of two sets. Both sets have a ferrous or non-ferrous option.
  • Area of Measurement 8mm diameter centered on the white exposed area
  • Calibrated slip gages measured & NATA/NAMAS/NIST certified
  • Calibrated in a NATA registered laboratory using International Standards traceable to NAMAS, NIST Certified traceable
  • These Coating Thickness Standards should be compared with calibration blocks, or slip gages, every twelve (12) months

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Area of Measurement:8mm diameter
    Uncertainty:±0.25μm up to 6000μm and ±0.40μm from 6000μm to 12500μm at a confidence level of 95%
    Substrate Type:Non-Ferrous = Aluminum; Ferrous = Mild Steel
    Substrate Surface Finish:Surface ground then polished to 2μm

Delivery Content

The 5 Pc set has one zero plate, one standard that has a nominal value of 2 mils (50.8 microns), 2nd standard that has a nominal value of 6 mils (152.4  microns), 3rd standard nominal value of 10 mils (254 microns) and a fourth standard that has a nominal value of 20 mils (508 microns)

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