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Pro Gauge II® Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge

Article No. 11145

Pro Gauge II, 1-15 mil

The Pro Gauge II is a Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge that measures the thickness of nonferrous coatings on steel. Other magnetic gauges fail to compensate for the gravity effect so that they give readings differing by up to 40% when measuring paint of exactly the same thickness on top panels and side panels. 

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  • Range: 1 to 15 mils (paints, platings, plastics, etc.)

  • Two scales give accuracy of better than .001 (one thousandth) of an inch

  • Greater accuracy and readability

  • The large indicator and clearly marked scales make Pro Gauge II® fast and easy for anyone to use

  • There's room for the user to add his own markings and scales

  • More efficient magnet with longer holding power

  • Top & side scale

  • Heavy duty case

  • Complete instruction nooklet

Delivery Content

Comes with Gauge, Heavy duty case and instruction booklet

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