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MP0 and MP0R Coating Thickness Gauges

Article No. 11117

MPO Permascope Gauge

  • Permascope MP0
  • Integrated probe for coating thickness measurement with magnetic induction
  • For measuring non-ferrous metallic and non-conductive coatings on steel or iron (NF/Fe and Iso/Fe)
  • Areas of application: Coatings of paint, lacquer or plastic on steel or iron (Iso/Fe), Coatings of copper, brass, zinc, tin and chrome on steel or iron (NF/Fe)

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  • The Fischer MP0 and MP0R Gauges measure the thickness of coatings over metals quickly and nondestructively using magnetic induction and Eddy current
  • Statistics display of the most important parameters
  • Simple operation, calibration and standardization
  • Internal data storage for 1,000 (MP0 models) and 10,000 readings (MP0R)
  • MP0R Models also include PC software FISCHER DataCenter with the following functionality: Transferring and archiving measurement data, comprehensive statistical and graphical evaluations, easy creation and printing of inspection reports
  • They are compact, rugged, easy to use hand-held instrument
  • They have two large, easy to read backlit displays and integrated probes for single handed operation
  • Especially robust instrument design for reliable coating thickness measurements under harsh conditions
  • FP models with connected cable probe for easy measurement in hard-to-reach places
  • Ideal for paint, plating, powder, enamel, over ferrous substrates (i.e. steel or iron) and anodize, paint and powder over non-ferrous substrates (i.e. aluminum and stainless steel).
  • Easy handling via intuitive menu navigation and 2 illuminated displays
  • 3-point support and conductivity compensation for repeatable measuring results even with oddly shaped samples
  • Measurement with tracking display for continuous surface sampling
  • Statistical information such as mean value and standard deviation
  • Three types of gauges available:
    • Permascope - For coating thickness measurements of thin layers on steel and iron: like zinc, chrome, copper, paint, lacquer, or plastic coatings on steel, iron or cast iron, and for both smooth and rough surfaces.
    • Dualscope - For coating thickness measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals like zinc, chrome, copper, paint, lacquer, or plastic coatings on steel, iron or cast iron. Also paint, lacquer or plastic on aluminum, copper or brass, anodized coatings on aluminum. Suitable for both smooth and rough surfaces. The MP0RH-FP does measurement of thick non-ferrous metal layers and thick protective layers on steel and iron and of insulating layers on non-ferrous metals.
    • Isoscope - For coating thickness measurements on practically all non-ferrous metals like coatings of paint, lacquer or plastic on aluminum, copper or brass, anodized coatings on aluminum.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    ISO/Fe + NF/Fe:-
    Memory for Results:1,00010,000
    USB Interface:---
    Automatically Rotating Display:---
    Measurement Range:0-98 mils
    0 - 2,500 µm
    0-78 mils
    0 - 2,000 µm
    0-80 mils
    0 - 2,000 µm
    0-243 mils
    0 - 7,000 (Substrate Fe)
    0 - 2,500 (Substrate NF)
    0-47 mils
    0 - 1,200 µm
    Angled Probe:---    
    Weight:137 g184 g137 g184 g137 g
    Measuring Speed (over 70 measurements/min):

More Information

Fischer DataCenter Software

  • Easy transfer of measurement data to PC
  • Immediate evaluation of measurement results: Histogram, sum frequency chart, statistical process control chart
  • Automated generation of your own custom-created inspection reports
  • Archive and print measurement data and inspection reports
  • Data transfer directly to inspection report templates
  • USB interface for bi-directional data transmission


Conforms to ISO 2178, 2360, 2808, ASTM D7091, B499, SSPC-PA2 and others

Delivery Content

2 Batteries, LR6.AA 1.5 V, Impact protection and Carrying strap, Operation manual, Material calibration standards corresponding to the respective measurement methods, Calibration foils and Manufacturer’s certificate

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