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Feritscope DMP30 W/Probe and Cal Std

The FERITSCOPE® DMP30 allows you to measure ferrite content in a reliable, tactile, and non-destructive way.

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  • The FERITSCOPE® DMP30 from the DMP instrument family is tailor-made for the measurement of ferrite content or martensite content in austenitic and duplex steels.
  • The advantages of these robust handheld devices are particularly notable in chemical plants, power plants, and process engineering plants.
  • They are ideally suited for onsite measurements of austenitic claddings as well as weld seams in stainless steel pipes, containers, boilers or other products made of austenitic or duplex steel.
  • From a plating thickness of 3mm, ferrite content determination can be carried out reliably and precisely, regardless of the properties of the base material.
  • Even in hard-to-reach places, our digital and analog probes deliver maximum flexibility.
  • With the intuitive Tactile Suite, transferring, evaluating and exporting your measurement data has never been so convenient.
  • Applications:
    • Determination of delta ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels
    • Determination of the proportion of deformation martensite in austenitic materials
    • Detection of welds in polished surfaces
    • Detection of ferrite content distribution along a weld seam

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measuring Method:Magnetic inductive
    Measured Value Memory:250,000 measured values in 2,500 batches
    Power:Exchangeable Li-Ion battery for > 24 h operating time
    Housing:Rugged aluminum with IP64 protection, Gorilla Glass and soft bumpers
    Data Transfer:Via USB-C and Bluetooth
    Live Feedback:Via light, sound and vibration for limit monitoring
    Cal Check Function:Verifies your currently used calibration
    Available Probe:Digital and analog probes, with the F-adapter you still have access to the entire Fischer probe portfolio

Delivery Content

DMP30, Accessory kit, Digital USB Probe D-F-Fe, and standard set 0.3-110 FN

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