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QNix® 4000 Series Coating Thickness Gauges

Article No. 11096

QNix 4200 Int Probe Fe, 120 mil

The QNix®4200 (for measurements on Fe) and the QNix® 4500 (for measurements on Fe and NFe) are coating thickness gauges with reliable results and easy to use. They are available in a variety of different versions, such as with an integrated or cable probe or with an extended measuring surface of up to 5 mm. This lets you cover a very broad range of applications if need be.

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  • The QNix® 4200 gives you reliable measurement results on steel and iron (Fe).
  • The QNix® 4500 lets you take measurements on steel, iron (Fe) and non-ferrous metals (NFe) like aluminium, zinc, copper and brass. Meets the following standards: DIN EN ISO 2808, ISO 2178, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 7091, ISO 2360 (only QNix® 4500)
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Operation with one hand and one button
  • Only one function key
  • Manual and automatic substrate switching (QNix® 4500)
  • Optimal readability - large numbers
  • Can be read in the dark and in direct sunlight - backlit LCD
  • For everyday use - ergonomic design with recessed grip
  • Polished ruby measuring head tip protects the measuring probe and the surfaces to be measured

Technical Attributes

  • Data

    Measuring Principle:
    Two magnetic measuring principles:
    FE: Magnetic-Flux/Hall Effect ref Fe*
    NFe: Eddy Current (QNix® 4500 only)
    Standards & Regulations:DIN EN ISO 2808, ISO 2178, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 7091 (QNix® 4500 only: ISO 2360)
    Probe Type:Integrated or - optional - Cable Probe with 1 m cable
    Measuring Ranges:Fe: 0.0 - 3000 µm
    NFe: 0.0 - 3000 µm (120 mil) 0.0-5000µm (200 mil) (QNix® 4500 only)
    Metric System µm/mil:Yes
    Measuring Interval:Single measurement: 850 ms
    Display Metric:From 0.0 - 999 in µm, from 1000 µm in mm
    Resolution:1 µm in the range up to 999 µm, 0.01 mm in the range from 1 mm

    Accuracy Referred to Automation Reference Standard:

    ○ = ± (3%* = 2µm)
    ● = ± (5%* = 2µm)
    3/3 mm
    5/3 mm
    Fe < 2mm
    Fe > 2mm
    NFe < 2mm
    NFe > 2mm
    Minimum Measuring Area:Ø 25mm
    Minimum Curvature:Convex: 5 mm; Concave: 25 mm
    Minimum Substrate Thickness:Fe: 0.2mm
    NFe: 0.05mm (QNix® 4500 only)
    Temperature Range:0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F)
    Permitted Storage Temperature:-10 - 60°C (14 - 140°F)
    Power Supply:2 x Batteries: 1.5V (Type AA alkaline)
    Dimensions (L x W x H mm):100 x 60 x 27 (gage with integrated probe)
    Weight Including Battery:Gage with integrated probe: 105 g
    Gage with Cable Probe: 147g
    * of the measurement
    Fe* Measuring of non-ferroumagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic substrate, for example measuring on steel- or iron-substrates.
    NFe* Measuring on non-ferromagnetic and electrically non-conductive coatings (insulating coatings) on non ferromagnetic and electrically conductive substrate, for example measuring on aluminum-, zinc-, brass-, and certain stainless (high grade) steel substrates.

Delivery Content

Comes with Gauge, Hard Case, instructions and (2) AA Batteries

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