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QNix® 8500 Series Coating Thickness Gauges

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Qnix 8500 Prem DFT Gauge Body

The QNix® 8500 is our modular coating thickness gauge with measured value memory, statistics functionalities, software evaluation and interchangeable probes. It is suitable for almost every area of application in coating thickness measurement and is very robust. You also benefit from easy operation and of course from precise and quick measurement results.

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  • Premium Gauge Body 

  • Modular gauge with no limits. Measured value memory for up to 30,000 measured values in up to 250 measurement blocks. Combined measurement of Fe/NFe duplex coatings.

  • Automatically turns on and off and can be operated with one hand

  • Designed for continual use: ergonomic design, key field and arm strap (optional)

  • Manual and automatic substratum switching

  • A combined measurement for zinc and the surface layer in one measurement procedure

  • Can be used around the world: you can select 3 of 23 available languages

  • Save up to 30,000 measured values in over 200 memory blocks

  • No tangled cables and no wear and tear on plugs: wireless data transfer between the gauge and the PC

  • Read out the handheld gauge’s memory

  • Flexible assessments and further processing: Microsoft Excel export

  • Modular device system for standard, wireless and pen probes

  • Measurements, data transfer and limit value violations with a two-colour LED

  • Easy to read, even in poor light and strong sunlight - high-resolution, backlit LCD with large numbers

  • Polished ruby measuring head tip protects the measuring probe and the surfaces to be measured

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measuring Principle:Fe: Magnetic induction - (ISO 2178)
    NFe: Eddy current - (ISO 2360)
    Probe Type:Interchangeable: Standard probes, wireless probes, MI pen probe (thin layer)
    Switching Units:µm/mil
    Period Between Measurements:500 ms - 1600 ms
    Measurement Value Display:From 0 - 999 in µm, in mm as of 1000 µm

    Display Resolution:
    0.1 µm in the 0 - 100 µm range
    1 µm in the 100 - 999 µm range
    0.01 mm starting at 1000 µm
    Display:Backlit LCD
    Operating Temperature Range:0 - 50°
    Permissible Storage Temperature:-10 - 60°C
    Power Supply:2 x 1.5 V batteries (type AA alkaline)
    Dimensions Without Probe (L x W x H):90 x 65 x 30mm
    Weight incl. Batteries (Without Probe):114 g
    Model:8500 Basic8500 Premium
     Basic Functions
    Backlit LCD:
    Display Alignment: Normal/Rotated
    Display Resolution:NormalLow/normal/high
    Acoustic Measurement Confirmation:
    Unit Switch µm/mil:
    Date and Time Display: 
     Measurement Functions
    Automatic Substrate Switch:
    Manual Substrate Switch:
    Individual Measurement:
    Upper/Lower Limit:
    Upper/lower Limit Configurable for Each Memory Block: 
    Continual Measurements: 
    Combined Measurement (Duplex Coatings): 
     Memory Functions
    Number of Measured Values:Up to 100Up to 30.000 (max. 2.000 per Block)
    Number of Blocks:1250
    Block Name - Information - Upper/Lower Limit: 
     Statistic Functions
    Statistic Evaluations: Average, Standard Deviations, max., min.:
    Statistic Evaluations in Block/Blocks:
    QNix® PC Software and USB Wireless Interface Adapter:Optional
     Calibration Functions
    Number of Own Calibrations (single-point/two-point/zero-point):1100
    Zero-point Calibration on Reference Plate:
    Average Zero Reference: 

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Premium Gauge Body Only

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