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FMP FA70 Probe

Article No. 11134

Fischer FA70 FMP Probe, Fe/NF Dual

The FA70 Probe is used with the Fischer FMP Dry Film Thickness Gauge. It uses the eddy current method.

$1,590.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Single tip angle probe with fixed measurement system
  • Measures electrically non-conducting coatings on non-ferromagnetic metal substrate materials (Iso/NF) or on steel and iron (Iso/Fe).
  • Suitable for the measurement of thicker plastic or rubber coatings; also to measure the wall thickness of, for example, plastic tanks with an aluminum backing foil.
  • For surfaces with a larger curvature, a V-groove adapter shoe has to be used.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measurement Range:0 – 50 mm
    Accuracy:0 - 5 mm: 0.1 mm 5 - 50 mm: < 2 %
    Precision:0 - 50 mm: 0.3 %
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