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Taber Abrading Wheels

Article No. 10108

Taber H-18 Calibrade Wheels

The Taber Abrading Wheels are used with the Taber Rotary Platform Abraser, two abrasive wheels create the circular wear path recognized as a "Taber test." As specimens are subjected to the rub-wear action of the wheels, the abrasion marks form a pattern of crossed arcs resulting in a circular ring. This process abrades the sample over all angles of grain or weave, and covers an area approximately 30 cm2.

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  • Offered in a range of wear characteristics
  • Calibrase wheels include easy-glide wheel hub

  • Sold in pairs

  • Shipped in tight-lidded containers to prevent damage

  • Rigorous quality program maintains uniformity and consistency

  • Premium grade US abrasive materials ensure test repeatability

  • Traceable through manufacturing lot reference included on each wheel label

  • Manufactured from a proprietary formulation developed and designed by Taber Industries so the binder material breaks down during use, exposing and creating a fresh abrading surface

  • Taber offers standardized grades of Genuine Taber abrasive wheels, which have been engineered to meet varying requirements of abrasive action. The choice of abrading wheels should be based upon the wear the specimen material will be subjected to in actual use.

  • Custom formulations available

  • Three Types Available:

    • Calibrase® Abrading Wheels - A resilient wheel composed of resilient binder and aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive particles. Frequently used to evaluate rigid specimens.

    • Calibrade® Abrading Wheels - A non-resilient wheel composed of a vitrified (clay) binder and silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive particles. Frequently used to evaluate flexible specimens.

    • Specialty Wheels and Abradants - Used for unique or custom applications.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    ModelAbrasive ActionExamples of Material TestedNotes
    Calibrase® Abrading Wheels
    CS-8Extremely MildLabelsDo not exceed 500g load; reface with S-11 disc
    CS-10FVery Mild - MildSafety glazing, transparent plasticsDo not exceed 500g load; reface with ST-11 refacing stone
    CS-10Mild - MediumOrganic coatings, plastics, textiles, leatherReface with S-11 disc
    CS-10WMild - MediumTextilesNo colorant, eliminates color transfer from the wheel to the specimen; reface with S-11 disc
    CS-17Medium - HarshAnodized aluminum, powder coatings, ceramics, plastics and enamelsReface with S-11 disc
    NOTE: Shelf life is dependent on proper storage conditions: temperature = 23 °C ±2 °C, relative humidity = 50% ±5%. Calibrase wheels should be refaced with S-11 disc, except for CS-10F. Do not use AFTER expiration date. Custom formulations available.
    Calibrade® Abrading Wheels
    H-38MildWoven and non-woven fabricsDo not exceed 500g load; reface with multi-point diamond tool
    H-10Mild - MediumSteel and ferrous alloys (including the effect of hardening and tempering treatments)Reface with single-point diamond tool
    H-18Medium - CoarseRubber (non-tacky), woven textile fabrics, coated fabrics, flexible plastic sheetReface with single-point diamond tool
    H-22HarshRubber, linoleum, leather, automobile floor coverings, concreteReface with single-point diamond tool
    NOTE: Calibrade wheels should be refaced with Wheel Refacer and single point diamond tool, except for H-38. Calibrade wheels do not have an expiration period. Custom formulations available.
    Specialty Wheels and Abradants
    CS-0/S-32Rubber (non-abrasive)Dental pastes, cleaning powdersDo not use after expiration date; clean with isopropyl alcohol
    CS-5Wool Felt (dense)Textile fabrics (when the service wear requires one fibrous material to rub against another)Do not exceed 500g load
    S-33Sandpaper StripsVitreous and porcelain enamels, paints, metallic coatings, furniture surfacesUse with CS-0 wheels; 12.7 x 160 mm strips include adhesive; P320A FEPA aluminum oxide (avg. particle 46.2µm) closed coat on "A" weight paper (70 - 100 g/m2)
    S-42Sandpaper StripsHigh pressure decorative laminates, wood flooring, plastics, furniture surfaces, paints and varnishesUse with CS-0 wheels; 12.7 x 160 mm strips include pressure sensitive; 180 ANSI-CAMI aluminum oxide (avg. particle 78µm) open coat on "A" weight paper (70 - 100 g/m2)
    NOTE: Sandpaper should be stored and conditioned in a controlled environment: temperature = 23 °C ±2 °C, relative humidity = 50% ±5%
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