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DVE Economy Digital Viscometers

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LVDVE Economy Digital Viscometer

The DVE Brookfield Viscometer or viscosimeter, features a brand new user interface and keypad. The updated DVE now has a contemporary design, adopting the look & feel of the DV1, DV2T and DV3T family. It also offers a choice of scientific units for viscosity measurement including both cgs units: cP (centipoises) and P (Poise), and SI units: Pa-s (Pascal-seconds) and mPa-s (milliPascal-seconds).

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$3,732.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • The attractively lit display of the DVE Brookfield viscometer features distinctive alpha-numeric characters that are easy to view, both close up and at distance.
  • The bubble level has been conveniently situated on the front of the instrument below the display panel so that users can easily adjust the instrument for true vertical position.
  • Viscosity test parameters, including spindle identity and rotational speed, can now be quickly selected from a table in the instrument's memory.
  • The new display shows test control parameters (spindle, speed) and measured values (% torque, viscosity).
  • Applications include:
    • Low Viscosity: Adhesives (solvent base), Biological Fluids, Chemicals, Coatings, Water-Based Inks, Water-Based Oils, Paints, Latex, Photo Resist
    • Medium Viscosity: Adhesives (hot melt), Ceramic Slurries, Creams, GumsInks (screen printing), Paints, Paper Coatings and Pulp, Plastisols
    • High Viscosity: Asphalt, Caulking Compounds, Epoxies, GelsInks (ballpoint, offset), Pastes, Putty, Roofing Compounds

Technical Attributes

  • Data

    Viscosity Range Centipoise (mPa·s)
    Max RPM Speeds

    Number of Spindles Supplied
    LVDVE2M.3 -100 (18)4
    RVDVE10013M.3 -100 (18)6
    HADVE20026M.3 -100 (18)6
    ¹1 cP achieved with UL Adapter accessory. 15cP on LV with standard spindles

Delivery Content

All (RV/HA/HB) instruments now include spindles #2-7. The #1 spindle is now optional for the low range. The guardleg on all HA/HB models is no longer included.

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