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VISGAGE® Pocket Viscosity Comparators

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Visgage Oil Viscosity Gauge Model 2

  • Visgage Model 2
  • Saybolt Universal Second Models
  • 0-2000 scale
  • Best for oils from approximately 40 to 800 SUS

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The Visgage's ease of use makes it a great part of an oil analysis program. By monitoring lubricating oil viscosity your company can be warned when there are changes and make the appropriate decisions. If you find the viscosity of the oil increasing over time then the oil is being overheated and oxidized, or particle contaminants are being introduced. Either situation causes equipment wear and should be remediated as soon as possible.If you find your oil viscosity going down quicker than normal then there has probably been a mixup of oils. Fuel oil may be leaking into your reservoir or the wrong viscosity of oil was added to the tank. Test viscosity in minutes

  • Two types available:
    • Saybolt Universal Second Models - Saybolt Universal Seconds is an English kinematic viscosity standard that is gradually being replaced by the International Centistokes. Our Visgages are calibrated at room temperature but give the equivalent Saybolt Universal Seconds reading @ 100°F.
    • Centistoke Models - Centistokes is a kinematic viscosity standard created by the International Standard Organization. Except for the in the United States the Centistokes standard is nearly universal. Unless there is a specific reason to be using SUS we recommend that everyone uses a Visgage that reads in Centistokes. Our Visgages are calibrated at room temperature but give the equivalent Centistokes reading @ 40°C.
  • A pocket viscosity comparator used by companies around the world to verify oil viscosity and perform oil analysis.
  • Its small size, portability and ease of use allows users to operate on site and obtain immediate results.
  • Consistent use of the Visgage can warn users of viscosity changes.
  • Save money, save time, save equipment
  • Easy to use and self cleaning
  • Can be used to quickly test the viscosity of bulk oil shipments and oil inventory

    Technical Attributes

    • Data
      Type:Saybolt Universal Second ModelsCentistokes Models
      Visgage Model:Model 2Model 4Model 38
      Nominal:40-800 @ 100°F SUS400-1400 @ 100°F SUS8-160 @ 40°C CST

    More Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • I received the Visgage with a bubble in the reference tube is that okay?

    Yes, the bubble has been installed at the factory to allow for expansion.

    • What is the accuracy of the Visgage?

    Proficient operators can get accuracies of 95% or better.

    • How often does the Visgage need to be calibrated?

    The Visgage can remain in calibration for years or even decades depending on how it is handled. We recommend that you periodically test the accuracy of the Visgage with an oil of known viscosity that is near the mid-range of the lower scale.

    • I dropped my Visgage and it will no longer work properly. Do I need to purchase a new Visgage?

    Visgages can be repaired at the factory. They will function like a new Visgage after the repairs are completed.

    • I broke the plunger tube on my Visgage. Can I buy parts for the plunger?

    We do not sell parts for the Visgage since they must be re-calibrated so that the readings are accurate. The glass tubes can vary and they must be matched at the factory.

    • Can I check fire resistant hydraulic fluids (Water Glycol) with the Visgage?

    Yes, we manufacture special Water Glycol Visgages. We install the specific Water Glycol you wish to test in the reference tube and you compare directly against this standard.

    • Does the Visgage meet or follow any National Standards?

    There are no National Standards that govern the operation of the Visgage. The Visgage is user dependent and quality results are obtained by proficient use.

    • Can I draw hot oil into the Visgage directly from the crankcase or reservoir?

    Oil must be cooled in a separate container before drawing it into the Visgage. The glass is shock resistant but introducing hot oil can break the plunger tube.

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