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Bostwick Type Consistometer

Article No. 13755

Bostwick Consistometer

The Bostwick Type Consistometer is designed to determine the flow of a standard volume of thick liquid or semisolid under its own weight. It consists of a stainless steel reservoir with trap door, engraved graduated track with sidewalls and leveling screws with bubble level.

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  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and holds up under plant conditions
  • Engraved graduations in 0.5cm divisions
  • Wear & Smear Resistant
  • Assures Accurate Results
  • Spring loaded gate prevents premature flowing of sample
  • 2 leveling screws & spirit level gives you precise positioning of flow angle
  • Small size: 14"L x 3-1/2"W x 5-1/2"H, uses little bench space
  • Requires 75ML sample
  • Applications: food processing, paint manufacturing, cosmetic formulation and chemical production
  • Reproducibility - Viscous materials often vary in consistency dependent upon age, temperature, and shear history. Caution should be exercised between laboratories regarding the history of a sample. Duplicate results by the same operator on the same sample shall be within 0.5 cm


Meets ASTM Designation: F 1080, Standard Test Method For Determining The Consistency Of Viscous Liquids Using A Consistometer. Meets MIL-R-81294B


A 75ML sample of material is poured into the reservoir and the distance of flow in a horizontal direction is read from an engraved ruled track after a fixed time following the materials release from the spring loaded gate reservoir.

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