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BK Drying Time Recorder

Article No. 11330

BK10 Drying Time Recorder, 12 hr

The BK Drying Time Recorder is a CE approved 12 hour machine that measures and records the Drying Time of Surface paint, coatings, inks and so much more. 

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  • 12 hour machine with five pairs of tracks that operate at the same speed
  • Each pair of tracks can be started independently but they all run in a five hour period
  • There are a wide range of travel times available
  • Each pair of tracks has its own individual operating switch
  • A time scale on the front cover is graduated to suit the instrument's drying time ranges
  • We can have the instrument configured in 6,24 and 48 hour machine. Many custom configurations available such as; one pair of tracks runs at 6 hour, another pair at 12, another pair at 24. Call for pricing.


DIN EN 14022, ISO 9117-4 and ASTM D5895



  1. Select the required speed by turning the speed control knob in a clockwise direction and sliding in or pulling out to the required speed. Release knob.
  2. Apply film to the test strips and place them on the Recorder.
  3. Lift the release lever on the back of the needle carrier and slide it to the starting position.
  4. Lower the needles on to the test strips.
  5. Switch on and the needles will now commence the run along the strips. On reaching the end of the travel, the carrier automatically stops. Switch off.
  6. Individual glass strips may be removed from the machine simply by depressing one end at the strip so that the opposite end tilts clear at the holder.

Stages in the Drying Process Defined as: The drying time of alkyds, varnishes or paints is determined by adding the requisite drier and thinning to a viscosity at which the material is normally applied. The finish is allowed to stand at room temperature for 24 hours to "mature". A test strip measuring 12" x 1" (which may be of plain or ground glass or of other suitable material) is prepared by casting a film upon it by means of a special applicator which is accurately ground at one end to deposit a wet film thickness of 1.5 mils and 3 mils at the other. The test strips are placed on the table in their holders and the instrument is then operated as indicated below.

  1. The first stage is a pear-shaped impression corresponding to the time taken for evaporation of solvent.
  2. The second stage is the cutting of a continuous track, corresponding to a sol-gel transition.
  3. The third stage is an interrupted track corresponding to the surface-dry time.
  4. A fourth stage is where the needle no longer penetrates the film, corresponding to the final drying time.
  5. A typical white enamel would have a drying time expressed as follows: 1-1/4 ----- 3-1/2 ----- 4 (hours).

Although all stages recorded are significant it is often sufficient to express a drying time in terms of set-time and hard-dry time, thus: 1-1/4 - 4 (hours). Brass weights, each weighing 5 g, may be used to apply greater pressure on the needles and thus record the through-drying properties of alkyds, varnishes and paints. The 3-SPEED BK DRYING RECORDER will give useful information about the gelation times of many two component surface coating materials and about the properties of such films.

Delivery Content

BK10 Drying Recorders come complete with ten needles and a set of clear glass test strips and stainless steel applicator with 3 mil and 6 mil cuts (75 mu and 150 mu cuts)

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