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BK/BKV Drying Recorders Cube Applicators

Article No. 11350

SS Applicator 400 & 650 Micron

The Cube Applicator is a stainless-steel cube used to apply paint for Drying Time Recorders. It has a hole drilled centrally from one face through to the opposite face.

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  • The standard applicator has a gap depth of 75 microns (3 mils) one end and 150 microns (6 mils) the other, which will apply a paint film thickness of approximately half the gap size.
  • Other available sizes inlcude: 150 & 300, 50 & 100, 25 & 50, 400 & 650 and 64 & 128 Microns.
  • Any gap depth between 10 and 650 microns can be supplied to suit customer requirements.


  1. The applicator is placed at one end of the glass strip with the ground gap facing the end.
  2. Paint is poured into the hole and the applicator is steadily drawn down the glass strip and off the other end, the gap being the trailing end of the applicator.
  3. Paint will flow through the gap depositing a 12 mm wide film on the glass strip.
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