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LS Series Air Driven Stirrers

Article No. 12441

LS-1000X Lab Small Stirrer Unit

The LS Series Fawcett Mixers are powerful tabletop stirrers that offer several great options and are perfect for a variety of laboratory applications.

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$785.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Tabletop mixers air and gear driven stirring options
  • Mix, stir and blend in containers that vary in size
  • Mix a variety of viscosity ranges from low, medium to high
  • All-angle powerhead adjustment
  • Variable speed control
  • Common components for economical maintenance
  • Stainless Steel and zinc plated parts for long life
  • Adjustable gear chuck and key
  • Gear unit - 15:1 motor reduction
  • The Mixed Flow Impellers that come with these units are light weight, self-centering, easy to clean, extremely strong, and will mix thoroughly and fast without drawing air into the solution
  • The included Powerheads slide easily up and down on the vertical shaft, locking at any angle with a slight twist of the oversize clamp handle.
  • Impellers and shafts can be changed easily and quickly
  • Three models available:
    • LS-1000X Small Stirrer
    • LS-2000X Midsize Stirrer
    • LS-3000X Large Stirrer

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.124411244912450
    Mixer Size:SmallMidsizeLarge
    Capacity:Small beaker - 1 gallonSmall beaker - 5 gallonsSmall beaker - 8 gallons
    Weight (without filter):11 lbs. 6 oz.39 lbs43 lbs. 13 oz.

Delivery Content

LS-1000X - .5 Horse Power Lab Stirrer, LS-101B Powerhead (w/Coupling), L-1 Clamp Block, AX-1 Stand, MF-21R Impeller, MF-31R Impeller, S-12 Shafts(2) & AH-4 Hose Assembly

LS-2000X - 1 Horse Power Lab Stirrer, LS-102A Powerhead (w-1/2" Chuck), L-4 Clamp Block, AX-23 Stand, MF-21R Impeller, MF-32R Impeller, MF-43R Impeller, S-12 Shaft, SA-15 Shaft, SB-18 Shaft & AH-5 Hose

LS-3000X - 1.8 Horse Power Lab Stirrer, LS-103A Powerhead (w-1/2" Chuck), L-4 Clamp Block, AX-23 Stand, MF-32H Impeller, MF-43H Impeller, MF-53H Impeller, SA-12 Shaft, SB-18 Shafts(two) & AH-5 Hose Assembly


Impeller 1-7/8 X 5/16" Bore Reg Pitch
SS Stirrer Shaft 12" X 5/16"Dia
Filters 1/4"(Auto Int Drain)
Lubricators 1/4"
1/4"X 4" With 1/8" Mnpt
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