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Unitized Jar Mills

Article No. 12047

Unitized Jar Mill 764, Explosion Proof

U.S. Stoneware’s unitized jar mills are engineered for economy, compactness and mobility. Assured reliability results from all welded steel frames, powerful roller chain drives, and pillow blocks with cartridge-type permanently sealed ball bearings for efficient operation

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  • All jar mills are built with special no-creep roll design
  • One roll is convex, the other is concave
  • Jars stay centered, won’t work off rolls
  • No clamping or fastening of jar is required
  • Three-position adjustment securely mounts idler roll, yet it can be quickly changed to handle standard size 000 through No. 2 Roalox jars or other round containers 2" to 9" in diameter
  • Rolls are 2" in diameter and made of long-wearing, oil, solvent and chemical-resistant Neoprene rubber; they bleed off static electricity generated by rotating jars
  • Totally enclosed DC drive motors permit solid-state control of roll speed
  • Machines have speed range of between 20 and 300 RPM
  • 115V / 60Hz single phase motor (220V / 50Hz also available)
  • The machines as shown do not comply with OSHA Regulation 1910-212 (a) (4), Barrels, Containers and Drums. It is the user’s responsibility to supply equipment as may be required by OSHA for a particular operation.
  • There are 3 models available:
    • Model 755 - Motor is 1/3 HP, TEFC-DC
    • Models 764 - Two-jar capaciy unit. Explosion-proof motor 1/4 HP, roll guard (roll guard cover automatically included with 764AVM).  
    • Model 784 - Two-jar capacity unit - two tier. Explosion-proof motors. Designed with sheet metal pans under each tier of rollers. Pans contain jar contents should spillage or breakage occur.


Technical Attributes

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