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Dart Drop Impact Testers

Meets ASTM D1709 Methods A & B Standard Test Method for Free Falling Dart Impact Testing of Plastic Film.


The Dart Drop Impact Testers are electronic full-featured dart drop impact testers for film and sheet. They are a proven tool for more closely controlling nominal and peak strength characteristics to speed your production and additives settings and adjustments, research and development of new film and sheet products, inspection of incoming film and sheet products, and in-process checks to ensure on-spec product for converting operations.

DX-8300 Series Dart Drop Impact Testers



  • Provides Advanced Safety Features plus Software and PC Connectivity.
  • Automate your Tester with the DX-8300 Dart Drop Software; allows Pass-Fail testing plus Staircase testing to automate ASTM D1709 testing requirements.
  • Operates with pneumatic-assist for dart release and film/sheet sample clamping. Pneumatic-assisted clamping and dart release is useful for higher clamping forces without the requirement for large, inefficient electromagnetic releases.
  • Portable and expandable with models for Method A testing, or Method A & B combination testing. Extensions and custom dart stems & weights available for testing to your in-house developed requirements.
  • Economically priced. Comes complete with everything needed to run tests.

Technical Data

Technical Data
Mode of Operation: Off-line testing / lab use
Materials: All sheet materials
Test Method Drop Height: Methods A & B 26 in. (66 cm) and 60 in. (152 cm)
Actuation Method: Electronic
Dart Release Mechanism: Pneumatic
Sample Clamp Mechanism: Pneumatic
Dart Sets Included: Method A - (412 gram), (2) 120 gr., (1) 60 gr., (1) 30 gr., (2) 15 gr., (2) 5 gr.
Method B - (412 gram), (2) 120 gr., (1) 60 gr., (1) 30 gr., (2) 15 gr., (2) 5 gr.
Optional Weights: (ASTM D1709 Suggested) Method A - (8) 60 gr., (8) 30 gr., (8) 15 gr., (2) 5 gr.
Method B - (8) 90 gr., (8) 45 gr., (2) 15 gr.
Dart Head Material Provided: Phenolic (Method A) / Stainless (Method B)
Optional Dart Head Materials: Aluminum
Air Requirements: 60 psi / Dry & Filtered
Power Requirements: 115 VAC or 230 VAC
Overall Height: 80 inch
Weight: 65 lb
(Due to continuous product improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.)


DX-8300 Series Dart Drop Impact Tester Software
  • The DX-8300 Quality Control Software system includes Hardware and Software to add computer-based tester operation
  • Create Custom Recipes with Ease - Setup parameters allow data collection and display flexibility including starting missle weight, weight increment, test method, and many more.
  • Operator Recall of Recipes for Automatic, Error-free Setup and Operation - Recipes or "Setups" can be recalled with the click of a button, to automatically set up your tester for immediate operation.
  • The Process Mode™ of operation allows operators to enter a job number or recipe name to recall all setup information and parameters, then start running.
  • Export Data to Excel™, Access™, MiniTab™, other packages
  • The Card Free™ design means no computer disassembly or ISA or PCI card installation. Just plug and play. Photos, at right, show ease of installation of switch interface and software driver plus operating (DX-8300) software.


Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
PT-605151 DX-8385-AB Electronic Method A/B Dart Drop Tester (Method A&B (26" & 60"), 408/1318 gr. Dart Head/Weight Set) 7,461.00
15238 CE 2 Button Safety Option 695.00
PT-605161 Model DX-8300 Dart Drop Software (Only) 1,321.00
PT-605163 Model DX-8300 Pass/Fail Interface System Includes Pass Fail Button Switches (2), Interface Module, USB Cable, Mounting Hardware 607.00
PT-605205 Dart Set (ASTM D1709 Method A) w/weights, stem, phenolic dart head and collar 658.00
PT-605207 Dart Set (ASTM D1709 Method A) w/weights, stem, aluminum dart head and collar 709.00
PT-605209 Dart Set (ASTM D1709 Method B) w/weights, stem, stainless dart head and collar 964.00
PT-605313 Method A Stainless Steel Calibrated Weight 60 gram (1), each 60 gram (8), each 82.00
PT-605315 Method A Stainless Steel Calibrated Weight 30 gram (1), each 30 gram (8), each 82.00
PT-605325 Method A Stainless Steel Calibrated Weight 5 gram (2), each 5 gram (2), each. 51.00
PT-605327 Method A Dart Head, phenolic, 0.75" radius (22 gram, nominal) 107.00
PT-605329 Method A Dart Head, aluminum, 0.75" radius (19 gram, nominal) 199.00
PT-605331 Method A Dart Stem, aluminum (4.75 in. nominal length, 10 gram, nominal) 102.00
PT-605405 Method B Stainless Steel Calibrated Weight 320 gram (2 per Method B Set), each ASTM Suggested, each 97.00
PT-605410 Method B Stainless Steel Calibrated Weight 160 gram (1), each 97.00
PT-605435 Method B Dart Head, stainless steel, 1.00" radius (310 gram, nominal) 444.00
PT-605437 Method B Dart Stem, aluminum (5.50 in. nominal length, 12 gram,nominal) 117.00
PT-605439 Stainless Dart Collar (6 gram, nominal) 31.00
Note: Custom stems and custom weights are available. Please contact us with your specifications.


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