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Dart Drop Impact Tester Accessories

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Dart Drop Software

Designed for dependability and ease-of-use, our DX-8300 Dart Drop Software can help solve the toughest impact resistance problems.  

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  • Stand-alone or software-driven dart impact testing couldn’t be simpler.  
  • Oakland’s Model DX-8300 Software system comes complete with detailed statistics including information expressed in Percentage of Failures or Dart Impact Failure Weight, in grams, for extrusion line problem diagnosis and analysis.
  • The DX-8300 Quality Control Software system includes Hardware and Software to add computer-based tester operation
  • Create Custom Recipes with Ease - Setup parameters allow data collection and display flexibility including starting missle weight, weight increment, test method, and many more.
  • Operator Recall of Recipes for Automatic, Error-free Setup and Operation of both Pass/Fail and Staircase Test Methods to meet ASTM testing requirements.
  • Export Data to SQL, Excel™, Access™, MiniTab™, other software packages
  • The Card Free™ design means no computer disassembly or ISA or PCI card installation. Just plug and play
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