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Flowability Testers


The Flowability Tester BEP2 has been specifically designed to address the specifications by the Ph. Eur. and USP on Powder Flow. The Flowability Tester BEP2 from Copley provides a range of options for testing pharmaceutical powders including methods quoted in the Pharmacopoeias - flow through an orifice and angle of repose - in a single, cost effective unit. There are two diferent attachment options available:

  • Flow-Through an Orifice (Funnel) Attachment
  • Angle of Repose Attachment
Flowability Tester BEP2 with Attachments
BEP2 shown with Funnel Attachment


Funnel Attachment

In certain instances where, for example, the purpose of the test is to simulate flow in a hopper or other production situation, it may be preferable to use a funnel in the form of a truncated cone. The Funnel Attachment is based on the stainless steel flow funnel and nozzle described in the European Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.9.16 for Flowability. It has a capacity of approx. 400 mL.

Supplied with 10 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm aperture quick-change nozzles, the funnel is manufactured from pharmaceutical grade 316 stainless steel. Testing is carried out with an easy-to-use shutter. The addition of our Balance/Timer Attachment to the shutter mechanism simplifies Mass vs Time tests. The nozzles can be quickly interchanged using the connecting nut provided for that purpose.The opening at the bottom of the funnel is secured by means of an adjustable shutter, which is closed during the filling operation. The test is carried out in a similar manner to that of Method A (Mass vs Time) of the cylinder attachment.


Angle of Repose Attachment (ASTM D6393)

Providing a simple method for assessing the friction characteristics of powders, the Copley angle of repose attachment is ideal for predicting manufacturing issues associated with resistance to movement between particles.

The Angle of Repose is the angle (relative to the horizontal base) of the conical pile produced when a granular material is poured onto a horizontal surface. It is related to the density, surface area and coefficient of friction of the material concerned. The Angle of Repose Attachment comprises a 100 mm diameter circular test platform together with a digital height gauge, having a range of 0-300 mm and an accuracy of 0.03 mm. The test platform has a protruding outer lip in order to retain a layer of powder upon which the cone is formed. Surplus powder is collected in a tray below the test platform.

The Table the flow properties associated with corresponding Angles of Repose.

Flow Properties & Angle of Repose
Angle of Repose Flow Property
25 - 30 Excellent
31 - 35 Good
36 - 40 Fair - aid not needed
41 - 45 Passable - may hang up
56 - 55 Poor - must agitate, vibrate
56 - 65 Very poor
> 66 Very, very poor

Instructions for Use

Angle of Repose Instructions - For this particular test, the funnel is normally equipped with a special 10 mm i.d. nozzle mounted 75 mm above the test platform. If necessary, the contents may be stirred to assist in the powder flow. The tangent of the angle of repose (in degrees) can be determined by reading off the height of the powder cone in mm from the digital display of the height gauge and dividing it by 50.


Balance/Timer Attachment - By adding a balance and a timer linked to a microswitch located on the shutter mechanism, it is now possible to conduct time vs. mass tests using either cylinder or funnel methods without the need for an external stopwatch. The balance/timer option allows the use of the unit in four modes:

• Determination of the flow time of a predetermined sample weight
• Determination of the flow time of a predetermined sample volume
• Determination of the weight of sample in a predetermined time
• Plot of time against sample weight (weight/time)

Anti-Static Grounding Kit - This kit is made for the BEP2 and is an anti-static grounding attachment used to reduce the interference of electrostatic charges. It is also known as the BEP2 Electrostatic Elimination kit.

Manually Operated Stirrer - This a manually operated stirrer used for the BEP2 Flowability Tester with the Funnel Attachment.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
WG-701650 BEP2 Flowability Tester Stand and Upright $716.00
WG-701652 Funnel Attachment ONLY (Must Have WG-701650 to operate) 2,781.00
WG-701654 Angle of Repose Attachment ONLY (Must Have WG-701650 and WG-701652 to operate) 3,003.00
WG-701611 BEP2 Flowability Tester with Angle of Repose Attachment and Funnel Attachment (complete) 5,784.00
WG-701625 Manually operated Stirrer for Funnel Attachment 892.00
WG-701653 Balance/Timer Attachment 1,379.00
WG-701657 Anti-static Grounding Kit for BEP2 199.00
WG-701658 IQ/OQ Documentation Pack 494.00


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