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Flowability Tester Accessories

Article No. 14163

Funnel Attachement

The Flow Through an Orifice Funnel Attachment is used in certain instances where, for example, the purpose of the test is to simulate flow in a hopper or other production situation, it may be preferable to use a funnel in the form of a truncated cone. Stand not included.

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  • The Funnel Attachment is based on the stainless steel flow funnel and nozzle described in the European Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.9.16 for Flowability.
  • It has a capacity of approx. 400 mL.
  • Supplied with 10 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm aperture quick-change nozzles
  • The funnel is manufactured from pharmaceutical grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Testing is carried out with an easy-to-use shutter.
  • The addition of our Balance/Timer Attachment to the shutter mechanism simplifies Mass vs Time tests.
  • The nozzles can be quickly interchanged using the connecting nut provided for that purpose.
  • The opening at the bottom of the funnel is secured by means of an adjustable shutter, which is closed during the filling operation.
  • The test is carried out in a similar manner to that of Method A (Mass vs Time) of the cylinder attachment.
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