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Article No. 14312

Cutting Tip Holder (Double Tip)

The CTH02 (two-tip) Cutting Tip Holder allows easy use of carbide cutting tips without having to manipulate the Tooke® Paint Inspection Gage to make the incision and then manipulate the gauge again to view the incision through the microscope.

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  • If your coatings tend to be right on the cusp between using one tip or another, this two-tip holder lets you keep your two most-used tips at the ready. 
  • Make multiple incisions with your most-used tip(s) without having to keep switching the gage to viewing position.
  • Mounting Mount two of the same tips to allow for checking two incisions against each other.
  • "Bracket" your incisions by mounting two different tips to create different incising geometries.
  • (Please note: Cutting tips holders do not come with tips.)
  • 1.6" (4.1cm) long overall
  • 0.47" (1.2cm) tall exclusive of feet and tip(s)
  • 0.98" (2.5cm) deep
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