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Article No. 14311

Cutting Tip Holder (Single Tip)

The CTH01 Cutting Tip Holder, at a little under two inches (4.1cm) long, allows easy use of a carbide cutting tip without having to manipulate the Tooke Gage Gauge to make the incision and then manipulate the gauge again to view the incision through the microscope. Make multiple incisions with your most-used tip without having to return the gauge to viewing position multiple times.

The cutting tip is secured by two set screws, one on the short end of the holder and one in the side. The wrench provided with OG212 and OG214 Tooke Gage Gauges fits these set screws. The two set screws give 90° support to the cutting tip. The cutting tip storage compartment on the opposite end holds two tips secured by a compartment retaining screw. double cutting tip holder.

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