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Taber Abraser Calibration Kit

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Taber Rotary Abraser Calibration Kit

The Taber® Abraser Calibration Kit is a cost-effective method enables operators to perform a fast, reliable system check and to verify if an instrument is within calibration or if repairs or adjustments are required.

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Precision testing instruments, such as the Taber Rotary Platform Abraser, must be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate results. Although easy to operate, the Taber Abraser involves a complex interaction of critical components. An out of tolerance condition of one element can lead to significant differences in test results. 


The Taber Abraser Calibration Kit, while not intended as a substitute for regular instrument calibration, is a reliable system check is useful to determine potential concerns and will identify if an instrument should be returned to an authorized facility for recalibration or repair prior to its scheduled calibration.


The kit includes instructions to perform inspections critical to the performance of the instrument, and allows the operator to monitor the following vital parameters: Wheel alignment Wheel tracking Bearing wear Vacuum suction force Table runout (requires dial indicator) Mass of accessory weights (requires scale).


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S-30 Weartrac™ Precision Wheels (1 set), S-45 Wheel Tracking Cards (Pkg. 15), Dual Unit Vacuum Plug, Vacuum Test Gauge with Adaptor Caps & O-Ring Taber Abraser Clean-Up Hose

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