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LAQUAtwin Compact Water Quality Meter

Article No. 15098

LAQUAtwin Sodium Meter

  •  Sodium/Temperature measurement
  • 2 point calibration

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  • The LAQUAtwins are compact water quality meters that can read pH, conductivity, ions and salinity.
  • They can accurately display readings from only a single drop, in a few seconds.
  • They can be calibrated, measure at the touch of a button and are fully waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated).
  • Simple to use, easy measurement for all users
  • Sensor is easily replaceable and sensor guard protects sensor
  • Strap hole allows you to attached strap or tag
  • Auto calibration made easy with one button, complete when mark stops flashing
  • Stability mark lights up when measurement is complete
  • Temperature alarm flashes when temp is out of range
  • Voltage measurment mode displays voltage
  • Measurement value flashes when the measurement calue is out of range
  • Measurement mark stops flashing when measurement is complete
  • Measurement Methods:
    • Drops -Drop a sample with a pipette, small volume as 0.1mL can be measured. Using sampling sheet B (optional), volumes down to 0.005 mL can be tested.
    • Immersion - When you're in the lab, you can test the sample in a beaker. Ensure the sensor guard sliding cap is open.
    • Scoop - Use as a scoop to test water e.g. from a river. Vertical scoop from a aquarium is also available with unique sensor guard.
    • Wipe - The sampling sheet allows tiny trace volumes to be analyzed. For example, wipe off the surface of the skin with a sampling sheet soaked with pure water and measure.
    • Solid Samples - Foods containing some moisture can be tested by placing a small piece directly onto the sensor.
    • Powders - LAQUAtwin meters can also test dry powders. Simply place the powder sample onto the sensor and drop on a constant amount of pure water.
    • Paper, textiles and films - To test sheets of paper and textiles, cut up the sample into small pieces and place directly onto the sensor. Drop on a constant amount of pure water.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Type:pHConductivity (EC)Salt 11 ECSodium Ion
    Calcium Ion
    Measurement Principle:Glass electrode method2 AC bipolar2 AC bipolarIon electrode method
    Min Sample Volume:0.05 mL*2 or 0.1 mL more*20.12 mL or more0.12 mL0.05 mL *2, 0.3 mL or more
    Measurement Range:2 to 12 pHConductivity:
    0 to 19.9mS/cm
    (0 to 1.99S/m)
    Salt: 0 to 1.1%
    TDS: 0to 9900 ppm
    0.0 - 100.0 g/L salinity 0.00 to 10.00%23 to 2300 ppm (mg/L) (10-3 to 10-1 mol/L)40 to 4000 ppm (mg/L) (10-3 to 10-1 mol/L)
    Accuracy*6:±0.1 pH±2%F.S. ±1 digit (for each range)*7±10% of reading value±20% of reading value
    Functions:Temp compensation - Auto hold - IP67 Water/Dust proof *8Salt/TDS Measurement - Temp conversion (2%/°C fixed) - Auto hold - IP67 Water/Dust proof *8Auto stable Automatic Power Off (30 min)Temp Compensation - Auto hold - IP67 Water/Dust proof *8Temp Compensation - Auto hold - IP67 Water/Dust proof *8
    Operating Temp/Humidity:5 to 40°C, 85% or less in relative humidity (no condensation)
    Power:CR2032 batteries (x2)
    Dims/Mass:164 mm x 29 mm x 20 mm (excluding projections) / Approx. 50g (meter only without batteries, B771 approx 45 g) 6.5" x 1.1" x 0.8"

    *1 Special application packages for crop measurement (B-741) and soil measurement (B-742) are also available

    *2 Smaller amount (0.05 mL or more) can be measured with the sampling sheet B. (Please close the light shield cover. If a sample that contain particulate, please use "Sampling sheet holder" (sold Separately))

    *3 With soil/water sampling ratio of 1:5.

    *4 When the measured value is out of the measurement range, the displayed value blinks. It should be used only as a guide

    *6 Repeatability in measurement of a standard solution after calibration using it.

    *7 -±5 µS/cm (0 to 199 µS/cm) -±0.05 mS/cm (0.20 to 1.99 mS/cm) - ±5 mS/cm (20 to 199 mS/cm)

    *8 IP67: no failure when immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But the product can not be used underwater.


Easy, three-step measurement, follow simple, good testing procedures for accurate and dependable results: Calibrate correctly, avoid mixing samples and standards and always keep the sensor clean

  1.  Calibrate - Always ensure the sensor is clean before calibrating. If not, clean thoroughly with water (don’t worry, LAQUAtwin meters are completely waterproof!) Place some standard solution on the sensor and press the calibration button. Once the smiley face appears indicating that calibration is complete, wash off the standard solution with water and dry with a clean, soft tissue. 
  2. Test - LAQUAtwin meters only need a tiny amount of sample - so no beaker is necessary. Fill the sensor with the sample and when the smiley face appears, the measurement is complete.
  3. Clean - Clean the sensor thoroughly with water ready for the next test. When the sensor is nearing the end of its usable lifetime, it can be replaced;* you don’t need to replace the meter.

* Sensors will need to be replaced after approx.1500 measurements or when calibration cannot be completed. Sensors are sold separately and are easily removed and replaced

Delivery Content

12873 - pH Meter (pH-22) - Meter, electrode, 14mL 7 Buffer, 14mL 4 Buffer, case

10869 - Conductivity Meter (B-771) - Meter, electrode, 14mL 1.41mS/cm standard, case

15014 - Salt 11 EC Meter B-721EC - Meter, electrode, 2 CR2032 batteries, 1 pipette, Instruction manual, Quick manual, 2 14mL Sodiumchloride Std. solutions, 14mL Conditioning solution, carry case

15098 - Sodium Ion Meter B-722 - Meter, electrode, 14mL 2000ppm, 14mL 150 ppm, case

15097 - Calcium Ion Meter B-751 - Meter, electrode, 14mL 2000ppm, 14mL 150 ppm, case

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