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Ford Viscosity Cups

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Ford Dip Cup #3

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Ford Standard Dip Cups (with No. 3, 4, and 5 orifices)

  • Mathematical formulas developed for the Gardco Standard No. 3, 4 & 5 Ford Dip Viscosity Cups, relating efflux time in seconds to viscosity in centistokes, defines cup flow characteristics with respect to standard oils traceable to U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. The resulting formulas have been solved for each tenth of a second within the recommended range.
  • Red Anodized handle for easy identification
  • Great for lab and field use
  • Compatible with ASTM D1200
  • ±3% Production Tolerance for cup No. 3, ±2% Production Tolerance for cup No. 4, ±3% Production Tolerance for cup No. 5
  • Cup No. 3 range extends from 29 to 251 centistokes, Cup No. 4 range extends from 34 to 441 centistokes, Cup No. 5 range extends from 77 to 1413 centistokes

This cup has the same capacity as the Standard Laboratory type Ford Viscosity Cup designed for use with a stand. However, this new cup is fitted with a red anodized aluminum handle and the drip ring at the top of the cup has been eliminated.

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    Ford Dip Cup
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    Ford Standard Dip Cups
    Ford Dip Cup NumberStandard OilApproximate Centistoke ValueEfflux Time In Secs.
    To find the exact efflux time in seconds, substitute the centistoke value of the oil from the bottle label in the conversion table furnished with the cup. Read from the table the applicable efflux time in seconds or use the formula on the reverse side of the table.

More Information

Ford Standard Dip Cup

The body of the cup is machined from solid bar stock stainless steel. Note the conical opening for the orifice which permits gentle “tapping in” or “tapping out” of the orifice. The orifices for the cup are machined from brass with the exact conical exterior to match the opening in the base of the cup. Positive orifice identification is assisted by “steps” at the base of the orifice.

The Gardco Standard Ford Dip Cup has all the advantages listed for the Standard series except it does not have an overflow well at the top of the cup and a red anodized handle is attached for support. The bottom of the cup is designed to extend below the orifice This design not only provides adequate stability for the cup when resting upright on a surface, but also protects the orifice from damage. The design of the bottom of the cup, as can be seen from the drawing, causes all material draining from the outside of the cup to flow away from the orifice and not influence the rate of flow from the orifice.

DIN Mini Dip Cup Construction

Standard Ford Dip Cup Orifice Details - Close production tolerance permits replacement of the precision "pop-in, pop-out" orifice without loss of accuracy and without tools.

To remove the orifice, simply place the cup upside down on a solid cushioned surface. Place the wood dowel rod furnished with the cup against the orifice and tap the dowel rod lightly with a heavy object such as a paper weight. To insert the orifice, place the cup right side up.

Carefully insert the orifice in place. Place the dowel rod into the spherical section of the orifice and tap the dowel rod with a heavy object.

DIN Mini Dip Cup Construction

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It is helpful, and results will be more consistent, if all viscosity determinations are made in a room that is free from drafts or quick temperature change, and is within ±3°C (±5°F) of the viscosity measuring temperature of 25°C.

Ford Dip Cups

The Gardco Mini Dip Cups should have the same care as the Gardco Standard Series as they are produced to the same close tolerance.  The use of the dip cup, however, is somewhat different:

  1. Adjust the temperature of the material to be measured, if necessary.  Lower the cup into the material so that the cup rim is submerged.  Place a thermometer into the cup as it is immersed and determine the temperature of the confined sample.  Remove thermometer.  Quickly raise the cup from the material, high enough to easily observe the efflux stream and at the same time, start the timer.  Closely observe the efflux stream and stop the timer at the first break in the stream, one to two inches below the orifice.
  2. Record the cup used (ex., Gardco Mini Dip #4), the measured temperature and the efflux time.  If the efflux time is immediately converted to Gardco Standard Cup time by multiplying by two, it should be so noted.
  3. Promptly clean the cup with close attention to the orifice.


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