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QNix® 5500 Coating Thickness Gauges

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Qnix 5500 Int Dual 200/120 mil 5/3 mm

  • QNix 5500 Gauge with Intergrated Probe
  • Dual Measuring F/NF
  • 200 Fe/120 NF mil and 5 Fe/3 NF mm


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  • The QNix® 5500 Coating Thickness Gauge is handy, extremely robust, ergonomic and designed for continuous use.
  • Decide for yourself if you want to use the gauge with the inserted probe or with the probe adaptor cable made of drag chain compatible PUR. 
  • Check your coatings quickly without extensive set up of the gauge - switch it on, place on surface, and read the measurement.
  • Bright, 2" large color LCD with automatic flip display (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°) makes it easier to read the values in any position - even in dim conditions like in dark areas inside tanks or bridges or when working in bright sunlight. 
  • Displays all necessary statistical information of your current measurement sequence like mean value, maximum and minimum value and standard deviation.
  • Large foot and low center of gravity ensures correct lacement and avoids incorrect measurements.
  • To measure small or angled areas simply use the probe cable and transform the QNix® 5500 into a cable device within a few seconds.
  • The angled cable connection facilitates working even in small spaces.
  • The one button operation allows you fast zero adjustment on your base metal or on the supplied zero plates.
  • For every application, there is the right probe, which is precise and true over the entire measuring range varying from 1,25 mm and 3 mm up to 5 mm, available as Fe-, NFe- or dual probes.
  • Safety by precision and trueness for valid results in quality assurance with high measuring trueness over the entire range, high repeatability of measured results, and temperature compensation directly in the sensor
  • Robustness and resistance - For long and reliable use, even under harsh conditions, fiberglass reinforced, 5 piece casing with IP65 dust and splash water protection, three layer protection to absorb shocks, LCD glass providing resistance against scratches and chemicals (Level H6), and stainless steel probe with dust protection membrane (IP65)
  • Time saving by ergonomics - Fast working progress for fatigue-proof continuous use
  • Luminosity IPS-LCD, 2", colour, 350 cd/m2, reading angle 70°
  • Low centre of gravity with large contact surface for precise measuring
  • Flexibility and expandability - Future-proof by changeable probes
  • Gauge body suitable for Fe-, NFe- and dual-probes
  • Integrated probe and cable probe available in one device

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Power Supply:2 x AA (batteries or rechargeable batteries)
    Battery Life:One measurement per second up to 60,000 readings. (When device is not in use at min. 50 % battery capacity > 1 year)
    DisplayIPS-LCD, 2", color, 350 cd/m2, viewing angle 70° all directions
    Material Housing Parts Hard Fiberglass Reinforced:PA12 GF30
    Material Housing Parts Soft:TPE-U
    Material Sensor Holder (Transparent):Trogamid® (CX7323)
    Scratch Resistant Glass Display:H6
    Thickness of Glass Display:2 mm
    Dimensions (H x W x D):136 x 63 x 42 mm
    Weight:132 g
    IP Protection:IP65
    Operating Temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
    Storage Temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
    QNix® 5500 with Integrated Probe, (Optional):Fe: 3 mm 5 mm
    Dual Fe/NFe: 3 mm 5 mm
    QNix® 5500 with Modular Probe, (Optional):Fe: 1.25 mm 3 mm 5 mm
    NFe: 3 mm 5 mm
    Dual Fe/NFe: 1.25 mm / 1.25 mm 3 mm / 3 mm 5 mm / 3 mm 5 mm / 5 mm
    Cleaning Instructions:
    Device: Before cleaning please switch it off! Use a damp lint free cloth with mild detergents. For soiling due to paint and varnish, please use diluted solvents (ethanol, nitro thinner, petroleum ether). Notice! Do not use acetone on soft rubber parts or display!
    Display: Use a damp, lint free cloth. If very dirty (water is not enough) use mild detergents.Note! Acetone can damage the display

More Information

All exchangeable standard probes of the QNix® 5500 can also be used in the new QNix® 9500. QNix® thus ensures the flexibility and compatibility of the new probes which are interchangeable between both models. The QNix® probes have been completely redeveloped: The standard probes are small and extremely robust. FE-, NFe- and dual probes with different measuring ranges are available. The coating thickness gauge QNix® 5500 is
available with a fixed integrated probe and a modular, exchangeable probe. QNix® 5500 changeable probes:

  • Stainless steel probes with a protective membrane IP65 dust and splash water protection
  • Rough measuring head with polished ruby
  • Chemical resistant material for cleaning with solvents (acetone, nitro dilution)
  • Probe adaptor cable made of drag chain compatible PUR
Status Display with RGB-LED on the Probe: yes
Measuring Principle: magnetic: magnetic field amendment / hall-effect Fe / whirl current NFe
Standards: DIN EN ISO 2808, DIN 50981, DIN 50984, ISO 2178, BS 5411 (3 & 11), BS 3900-C5, ASTM B 499, ISO 2360, ASTM D 1400, ASTM D 1186, ASTM D 7091
Measuring Range: depending on the probe
Measuring Speed (Measurements per Minute): ≥ 120
Accuracy of Measurement on Fe Substrates Related to QNix® Reference Standards: ± (1 µm + 2 % of the reading) to 2.0 mm
± 3 % of the reading from 2.0 mm
Accuracy of Measurement on NFe Substrates Related to QNix® Reference Standards: ± (2 µm + 2 % of the reading) to 2.0 mm
± 3 % of the reading from 2.0 mm
Smallest Measuring Surface Fe / NFe: Diameter 14.5 mm
Smallest Curvature Konvex Fe: 6 mm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
Smallest Curvature Konvex NFe: 50 mm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
Minimum Thickness of Base Metal Fe: 100 µm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
Minimum Thickness of Base Metal NFe: 50 µm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
Material Casing Top:* Stainless steel V4A (1.4305)
Material Casing Bottom:* Trogamid®
Material Measuring Tip:* Ruby, polished (Al203)
Dimensions (Height, Diameter): 34.5 mm, 14.5 mm
Weight: 11.9 g
IP Protection: IP65
Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
Max. Surface Temperature: 80 °C
Max. Surface Temperature at 1s Measuring Time every 20s: 100 °C
* Clean with a damp cloth; chemically resistant against acetone (except soft rubber parts e.g. keyboards or rubber protective frame), nitro dilution and ethanol

Delivery Content

QNix® 5500 Integrated Model - Handheld QNix® 5500 gauge, Fe- and NFe-reference plate and two test foils, Test certificate, Operation manual, 2 Mignon batteries 1,5 V (AA) alkaline, Plastic case for transport and storage

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