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Testex Tape

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Testex X-Coarse + Tape 4.6- 5.0 Mil

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  • The Testex replica tape can be used with the gauge to measure the surface roughness (“profile”) of blast-cleaned steel in the roughness range 0.8 to 4.5 mils (or 20 to 115 micrometers).
  • Each roll of tape is labeled with a manufacturing code and date for tracking purposes.
  • The tape does not expire and will last for years if kept in a relatively clean, dry environment.
  • Temperatures above 120°F (50°C) will degrade the sticky tapes that hold the Press-O-Film. Temperatures above 140°F (60°C) will degrade the actual Press-O-Film.
  • Petroleum products will degrade the Press-O-Film and should be kept away from the tape.
  • Each roll is 50 impressions.
  • Because inspectors, as a rule, have a target profile in mind, it is always best to start measurements with the grade of tape that has the target profile closest to the center of its range.
  • Each grade of replica tape is most accurate near the center of its specified range.
  •  Always confirm measurements near the ends of a given grade’s range using the next higher or lower grade of tape.
  • Press-O-Film Tape is also used with the Positector RTR - Replica Tape Reader

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    GradeRange When Used With Gage
    Medium:5 to 75 microinch / 0.1 to 2 microns
    Coarse Minus:0.5 to 1.0 mils / 12 to 25 microns
    Coarse:0.8 to 2.5 mils / 20 to 64 microns
    X-Coarse:1.5 to 4.5 mils / 40 to 115 microns
    X-Coarse Plus:4.6 to 5.0 mils / 116 to 147 microns
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