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Microm II Metric Film Applicators

Article No. 10540

Microm II Tefcrom/Blade, 17.8 cm

  • Microm II Metric (microns) Film Applicator
  • 17.8 cm film width
  • Teflon coated side plates 
  • Teflon coated blade

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Film Width
$1,780.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Knife-blade fitted into slots in the end section allows vertical adjustment of the blade.
  • Two finely-made micrometer barrels that can be easily set so that gate clearances can be adjusted from 0-6.35mm in increments of 1 mil with resolution to ½ mil.
  • Thimbles & barrels of the micrometers are dull chrome.
  • Two types of side plates available that provide large paint well:
    • Standard side plates are made from special clear anodized aluminum
    • Tefcrom side plates are Teflon coated for lowest coefficients of friction against any solid. They are non-reactive and are great for films cast on thin substrates as it helps prevent tearing by minimizing friction with the substrate.
  • The ends of the side plates also serve as ergonomic operator hand grips when drawing down wet films.
  • Two types of blades are available:
    • The standard blade is finely machined 400 series stainless steel.
    • The Teflon blade is coated with a tough, durable PTFE film that provides excellent non-stick properties which makes for easy cleaning and good corrosion resistance. It also makes the blade more durable with exceptionally good abrasion resistance.
  • Rare earth magnets hold blade firmly in place. (The 2" applicator does not utilize the rare earth magnets and only uses one non rotating spindle micrometer that is fixed to the blade via two set screws.)
  • Casting knife film applicator with patented magnetic blade attachment for easy cleaning - US Patent 7,930,991.
  • No springs to break, rust or get clogged.
  • Extreme Accuracy.
  • Ergonomic design facilitates fast and accurate drawdowns.
  • Special orders welcome

Technical Attributes

  • Film Width
    17.8 cm
  • Material
    Tefcrom with Teflon blade
  • Data
    Measurement Type:MilsMicronsMils/Microns
    Measurement Range:0-0.250”0-6.35mm0.00005" (0.001mm)
    Side Plate Options:Aluminum (Standard) or Teflon (Tefcrom)
    Blade Options:Stainless Steel (Standard) or Teflon
    Locking Mechanism:--Included
    Display:AnalogAnalogDigital Display

More Information

Micron Measurement - Used on the Metric Microm film applicator, each graduation on the Thimble Scale is 0.01 mm, the first visible number is 5 which is 5 graduations = 0.05 mm = 50 microns. One complete revolution is 50 graduations which is 0.50mm = 500 microns. The first increment on the Sleeve Scale is .50 mm = 500 micron, the second increment on the Sleeve Scale is 1 mm = 1000 microns, etc.





Before use, check the zero settings of the micrometers. Place applicator on a polished granite flat plate or alternatively plate-glass of suitable size. Set micrometers at zero. The blade should touch the glass/granite flat plate from end to end without the side plate being elevated. When the applicator is placed between the observer and a bright back light the user should see no light from beneath the blade and side plates. The zero point should check within ± 0.0005". If not, adjustment is required, place slight but constant pressure on the top support rods of the applicator with one hand. Rotate the micrometers so the blade is seated on the granite flat plate evenly from end to end and ensure no light is observed. Loosen the set screw on the top of the thimble on the micrometer, this will release the top thimble from the spindle. Align the zero mark on the thimble with the zero mark on the micrometer barrel and secure the set screw. Repeat if necessary to assure a proper zero is achieved. Cautionary Note: Make sure that there is no foreign matter such as iron fillings adhering to the blade magnets as this might result in improper applicator calibration.

  1. Place applicator at upper end of test panel.
  2. Pour coating directly in front of the knife-blade.
  3. Draw applicator toward lower end of panel at an approximate uniform rate of 10 to 12 inches (250-300mm) per second.
  4. Clean applicator immediately after use and thoroughly dry the blade. Caution: Do not wet or submerse micrometer heads.
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