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Elite Paint Strainer System

Article No. 13116

Paint Strainer Dispenser Kit 190uM

  • Paint Strainers Dispensing Kit
  • 190 Microns (Yellow)
  • 125 strainers

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  • The Elite Paint Strainer System is a revolutionary total system, providing a clean-room manufactured strainer, dust-free storage and “no touch” tab dispensing to ensure that each strainer is 100% contamination-free at final use.
  • Developed to provide the critical increased level of purity required for preparing today’s waterborne, basecoat and clear-coat paints and endorsed by the leading manufactures of refinish paints.
  • Manufactured using Gerson’s exclusive fully automated clean-room manufacturing process and spectrographically lot-tested filter material to ensure that each strainer is pure and 100% contamination-free
  • Automatically packaged in sealed pods to protect their contaminant-free purity until final use, and dispensed from the Elite strainer dispenser.
  • “No touch” contamination-free storage and dispensing of strainers.
  • Pre-packed pods load directly into Elite Dispenser (color coded mesh only).
  • Automated production with triple-cleaned mesh assures highest level of filter purity.
  • Color-coded filter for easy identification of micron size, white mesh also available.
  • Product of U.S.A.


  1. Place sealed strainer pod into dispenser, with strainer dispensing tabs facing forward.
  2. Tear away protective plastic along perforations, then remove.
  3. Close dispenser lid and dispense strainers downward one at a time by use of the dispnesing tab.

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Gerson Elite Dispenser Starter Kit - (each kit contains 2 pods of 125 strainers)

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