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Elite Paint Strainer System

Article No. 13119

Paint Strainer Dispenser Kit 125uM

The Elite Paint Strainer System is a revolutionary total system, providing a clean-room manufactured strainer, dust-free storage and “no touch” tab dispensing to ensure that each strainer is 100% contamination-free at final use. Developed to provide the critical increased level of purity required for preparing today’s waterborne, basecoat and clear-coat paints and endorsed by the leading manufactures of refinish paints.

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  • Clean-Room Produced - Manufactured using Gerson’s exclusive fully automated clean-room manufacturing process and spectrographically lot-tested filter material to ensure that each strainer is pure and 100% contamination-free
  • Protected Storage and Dispensing - Automatically packaged in sealed pods to protect their contaminant-free purity until final use, and dispensed from the Elite strainer dispenser.
  • Eliminate the Risk of Finish Re-do - Paint Strainers made by hand contain significant levels of environmental and processing contaminants such as ambient shop-floor dust, hand oils and particulates from process steps, creating an unacceptable contamination risk to expensive paint finishes.

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Gerson Elite Dispenser Starter Kit - (each kit contains 2 pods of 125 strainers (250)


Paint Strainer Med Mesh 260uM Case/500
Paint Strainer Fine Mesh 190uM Case/500
Paint Strainer Xfin Mesh 150uM Case/500
Paint Strainer Xfin Mesh 125uM Case/500
Elite Paint Strainer Stand
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