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Durometer Test Block Hardness Standards

Article No. 14351

Durometer A Test Block 30

  • Durometer Test Block 30
  • Type A
  • Blue Block

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  • The Durometer Test Block Hardness Standards are used to obtain accurate readings on durometers.
  • These Test Blocks give the user the ability to develop the proper “feel”, and, while it is not to be used for calibration purposes, it enables the user to perform a quick check for proper durometer operation.
  • The blocks are calibrated and correspond to the Durometer Type of your choice.
  • Available For All Durometer Types
  • Blocks each measuring 1/4" x 2" x 2".
  • The Kit is furnished with a sturdy magnetic-latching carrying case with the true readings for each block on the inside cover of the case.
  • A certificate of calibration is also included for users who need documentation of traceability to NIST.
  • Made in the USA

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Size of each Test Block Approx.:1/4" x 2" x 2"
    Thickness of each Test Block:.250"
    Material Used:Rubber
    Size of Fitted Case:5.5" x 4.687" x 2.562"
    Weight:22 oz.
    Item No.Single Test Blocks - Nominal "A" Values
    14351Blue30 durometers
    14352Yellow60 durometers
    11608Tan70 durometers
    11609Black80 durometers
    11610Gray90 durometers
    Item No.Single Test Blocks - Nominal "D" Values
    14353Gray40 durometers
    11611Black80 durometers

Delivery Content

All Test Block Kits will include a NIST Certificate and Case

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