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Pocket Detective Window Tint Meters

Article No. 11927

Pocket Detective 2.1 All Windows Fr&Rear

The Pocket Detective Window Tint Meters are the most sophisticated devices of their kind. They ergonomically package a portable photometer into a compact, rugged, and easy to use measuring system. They also feature unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

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The 2.1 Pocket Detective All Window Tint & Reflectance Meter is perfect for fixed and roll down windows. It offers solutions for both (VLT) Visible Light Transmission which is the percentage of light transmitted through glass, along with (VLR) Visible Light Reflectance which is the amount of light reflected. It can also be used to measure optical properties of varying materials and will measure reflective values on glass, plastic, including metalized or organic coatings.

The 2.1 Pocket Detective Roll Down Window Only Tint Meter for roll down automobile glass windows provides a compact, rugged and easy to use measurement system that measures light transmittance through automobile glass.  It is a slide-on unit for use on roll down windows.


  • Easy to operate

  • Calibrated to measure optical properties of auto glass in accordance to and in practice with test standards ANSI Z-26.1 and ISO 3538

  • Tri-Guard™ - Optical filtration system prevents false readings from stray light.

  • Opto-Pulse™ - Internal light source measures in all lighting conditions.

  • Dual Detection System™ - For consistently accurate readings time after time.

  • Ratio-Metric™ - Measuring system for precise repeatability.

  • LM-9511 Pocket Detective Tint and Reflectance Meter features:

    • Patented Magna-Alignment™- Auto Alignment System Two meters in one package measures Visual Light

    • Transmission (VLT) and Visual Light Reflectance(VLR)

    • Measures all windows on vehicle (roll down & fixed glass)

    • 1600 mAh internal battery

    • Auto shut off

    • Field Re-Calibration

    • Push Button operation

    • LCD digital readout

    • Panel-light function indicators

  • LM-952103 Pocket Detective Tint Meter features:

    • Reads VLT (Visual Light Transmission) only

    • Automatically recalibrates 

    • Approved in all states 

    • Used exclusively in states with largest inspection programs.  

    • Not affected by stray light 

    • Humidity range:  0 - 100%

    • Reference sample calibration glass included

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No. - Measurement Angle11927 - Tint / Reflectance Meter11929 - Tint Meter
    Size:4.0" x 3.0" x 3.0"5.635 x 3.25" x 1.428"
    Weight:8 oz. with battery
    Measured Bandpass Range:520nm - 630nm
    Stray light:<1%
    Power:J Type9 volt transistor battery
    Battery Life:Minimum 1000 measurements
    Measurement Time:4 seconds or less4 seconds or less
    Measurement Accuracy:±2% of Full Scale (Transmission)
    ±3% of Full Scale (Reflectance)
    ±2% of full scale
    Repeatability:±1 percentage point
    Humidity Range:0-99% Non-Condensing
    Temperature Range:0 - 100°F0 - 105°F
    Lamp Life:10 years12 years
    Sample Size:2" x 2" minimum3" x 2" minimum
    Sample Thickness Range:.125" to .20".125" to .25"
    Warranty:One Year
    Stray Light Filtration:-35Kh pulse coded selective electronic filtration


Test Standards ANSI Z-26.1 & ISO 3538

Delivery Content

Includes meter, storage case and user guide

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