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Pocket Detective Window Tint Meters

Article No. 11929

Pocket Detective 2.1 Rolldown Window

  • For roll down automobile glass windows
  • Reads VLT (Visual Light Transmission) only
  • It is a slide-on unit 
  • Automatically recalibrates 
  • Approved in all states 
  • Not affected by stray light 
  • Humidity range:  0 - 100%

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  • Compact, rugged and easy to operate
  • Calibrated to measure optical properties of auto glass in accordance to and in practice with test standards ANSI Z-26.1 and ISO 3538
  • Tri-Guard™ - Optical filtration system prevents false readings from stray light.
  • Opto-Pulse™ - Internal light source measures in all lighting conditions.
  • Dual Detection System™ - For consistently accurate readings time after time.
  • Ratio-Metric™ - Measuring system for precise repeatability.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No. - Measurement Angle11927 - Tint / Reflectance Meter11929 - Tint Meter
    Size:4.0" x 3.0" x 3.0"5.635 x 3.25" x 1.428"
    Weight:8 oz. with battery
    Measured Bandpass Range:520nm - 630nm
    Stray light:<1%
    Power:J Type9 volt transistor battery
    Battery Life:Minimum 1000 measurements
    Measurement Time:4 seconds or less4 seconds or less
    Measurement Accuracy:±2% of Full Scale (Transmission)
    ±3% of Full Scale (Reflectance)
    ±2% of full scale
    Repeatability:±1 percentage point
    Humidity Range:0-99% Non-Condensing
    Temperature Range:0 - 100°F0 - 105°F
    Lamp Life:10 years12 years
    Sample Size:2" x 2" minimum3" x 2" minimum
    Sample Thickness Range:.125" to .20".125" to .25"
    Warranty:One Year
    Stray Light Filtration:-35Kh pulse coded selective electronic filtration


Test Standards ANSI Z-26.1 & ISO 3538

Delivery Content

Includes meter, storage case and user guide

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