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Cross Hatch Kit, single blade

Article No. 5123

Cross-Cut Kit 11, 1-edge 1 mm
Adhesion Tester single blade 1mm spacing - ASTM D3359

  • 11 Teeth
  • 1 mm Cutter Spacing
  • In accordance with ASTM methods

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Standard/Cutter Spacing
$295.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


The crosshatch paint adhesion test kits also have the one edge blade option to comply with the appropriate ASTM and ISO coating adhesion test methods.

  • Blades made from hardened steel alloy for long life
  • Pivoting head blade holder for easy alignment onto the coating surface
  • Test kit comes with all the accessories necessary to perform cross-hatch test

Technical Attributes

    Technical Properties

  • Material
    wooden handle
  • Technical Specifications

  • Standard/Cutter Spacing
    ASTM - 1 mm
  • Standard
  • No. of Cutting Edges
  • No. of Teeth
  • Cutter Spacing
    0.04 in
  • Cutter Spacing
    1 mm
  • Hex Wrench included





  • Make a lattice pattern in the film with the appropriate tool, cutting to the substrate
  • Brush several times lightly backwards and forwards, using a soft brush or tissue to remove any detached flakes or ribbons of coatings
  • Place a tape over the cut, smooth it fimrly with a fingertip and remove the tape
  • Examine the grid area using an illuminated magnifier

ASTM D 3359 Standard describe, that the number of cuts shall be 6 or 11.  The spacing of the cuts in each direction 
shall be equal and shall depend on the thickness of the coating as follows:

11 cut lines for 1 mm/1.5 mm cutter used at film thickness up to 50 µm (2 mils) 
6 cut lines for 2 mm cutter used at films thickness between 50-125 µm (2 - 5 mils)

Delivery Content

Cross-Cut Tester kit with blade
Hex wrench for changing blades
Magnifier (5136)
Cleaning brush (5135)
One roll of adhesive tape
Carrying case


Short Instructions

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