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Corrosion Test Chamber SCCH

Salt Fog, CASS, Corrodkote, Humidity

Performs a wide range of accelerated corrosion tests including, but not limited to:
ASTM B117 (Salt Spray [Fog] ), ASTM B368 (Copper Accelerated Salt Spray), ASTM D1735 (Water Fog Humidity), ASTM D2247 (Condensing 100% Humidity), ASTM D1654 (Evaluation of Painted or Coated Specimens Subjected to Corrosive Environments), DIN 50021 (Salt [Fog] Spray), ASTM G85-[A1] (Acetic Acid- Salt Spray [Fog]), [A2] (Cyclic Acidified Salt Fog), [A3] (Acidified Synthetic Sea Water [Fog]), A4 (Salt/SO2 Spray [Fog]), and many others. {Note: optional equipment may be required}


Corrosion Test Chamber SCCH

ASTM D1654
  • Water jacketed design for uniform controlled test environment

  • Acrylic or Polypropylene Cover (model specific)

  • Easy to clean, seamless, polymer coated interior lining

  • Digital Temperature controls

  • Exposure zone wet and dry bulb

  • Humidifying tower

  • Data Logging for PC with communication control and software available




  • Cabinet: Painted exterior, water-jacketed design for more accurate temperature stability and control.
  • Interior Lining: High, performance, one-piece, seamless, oven-cured polymer lining. NO seams, NO glued on plastic sheets. Lower maintenance, higher durability, easier to clean.
  • Cover: Full view, acrylic cover with gas spring lifters - Models: SCCH20, SCCH21, SCCH22. Polypropylene with viewing window and pneumatic cover lifters: SCCH23 and larger
  • Comp-Test™ Digital Temperature Controls: Individual, constant, temperature displays for: (1) exposure zone dry bulb (2) exposure zone wet bulb and (3) humidifying tower. Allows for RH determinations at a glance. No switching required. Higher Accuracy ±0.1° temperature display in either °C or °F.
  • Comp-Test™ Air Flow Meter Instrumentation: Easy view meter showing the amount of air flow through the humidifying tower and atomization system. Provides more comprehensive monitoring capabilities of test functions and operations. Allows for immediate response to changes.
  • Comp-Test™ Dual Stage Compressed Air Control Pkg: (1) Oil and water extractor (filter), (2) High pressure regulator, and (3) Low pressure precision regulator combine to provide more accurate control of test conditions. Additionally act as fail safe protection for compressed air systems.
  • Level Matic® or Automatic Dl Water Fill System: Includes 10 gallon water supply reservoir with automatic Level Matic® (patented) solution level control system for humidifying tower, individual pressure gauge and 24 or 36 gal. solution reservoir on a stand (model specific) or Alternative Direct Dl Feed System available at no extra charge.
  • Low Water Cut Out Protection System: Safety feature automatically turns off the humidifying tower heater in the event of an interruption in the water supply. Resets when the water supply is restored.
  • Opti Fog® Generation Tower: Internally baffled for optimum fog generation for more accurate testing.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Model # Capacity
Cubic Ft (liters)
Inside Dimensions
L” x W” x D”
Exposure Zone Depth
Outside Dimensions
(cover closed)
SCCH 20 9.3 ft3 (264 liters) 30 x 18 x 30 45 x 24 x 48
SCCH 21 18 ft3 (510 liters) 36 x 24 x 36 52 x 34 x 55
SCCH 22 30 ft3 (850 liters) 48 x 30 x 36 65 x 41 x 57
SCCH 23sl 63 ft3 (1784 liters) 72 x 42 x 36 87 x 48 x 57
SCCH 23 73 ft3 (2068 liters) 72 x 42 x 42 87 x 48 x 62
SCCH 24sl 96 ft3 (2720 liters) 96 x 48 x 36 111 x 54 x 62
SCCH 24 128 ft3 (3625 liters) 96 x 48 x 48 111 x 54 x 74
Temperature Range: Exposure Zone: Ambient to 120°F or 50°C
Humidifying Tower: Ambient to 140°F or 60°C


Ultility Requirements

Utility Requirements
Electrical: SCCH20 120 volt / 1/ 60 11 amps Other Voltages Available
SCCH21 240 volt / 1/ 60 19 amps
SCCH22 240 volt / 3/ 60 22 amps
SCCH23-24 240 volt / 3 / 60 or 24 amps
480 volt / 3 / 60 12.5 amps
Compressed Air: SCCH20-22 Air Pressure
Air Volume
40-120 psi maximum
40-50 scfh @ 12-18 psi
SCCH23-24 Air Pressure
Air Volume
40-120 psi maximum
90-100 scfh @ 12-18 psi
City Water: All Should be made available with the use of a shutoff valve and hose arrangement in the test area near the unit.
Up to 100 gallons needed at initial installation / start up
Deionized Water
(ASTM D1193 Type IV):
All Used for filling reservoirs and for electrolyte solution makeup (up to 6 gallons per day)
Exhaust: SCCH20-22
1” npt
1-1/4” npt
Drain: All 1/2” npt Corrosion resistant piping (ie) PVC


Corrosion Test Coupons


For over 50 years, Q-PANEL® test substrates have been recognized as the world standard for a consistent and uniform test surface for paints, plating, adhesives, sealants, rust inhibitors and other coatings.

This consistency and uniformity is now available through Q-Lab's CX-series corrosion test coupons. Corrosion test coupons ensure repeatability and reproducibility when performing laboratory corrosion testing. They help a user independently monitor the test conditions in the chamber by measuring the mass loss of the coupons as the test progresses. CX corrosion coupons are designed to meet the stringent requirements specified in many international modern corrosion test methods.

All CX-series corrosion coupons include a Certificate of Analysis, come pre-cleaned, and are ready to use right out of the package. This allows the user to simply weigh the panels and place them in the tester, saving time and effort. And best of all, CX corrosion coupons are often half the price of competitors' coupons.

Corrosion Test Chamber SCCH
The production process thoroughly cleans the panels and removes any oil or contaminants that might be on the surface. Steel panels are packed in plastic bags with vapor phase rust inhibitor and shipped in a sturdy cardboard carton. With this multilayer packaging, our steel panels may have a shelf life of up to 10 years. In most cases the panels can be used right out of the package. However, for critical applications it may sometimes be necessary to remove traces of the rust inhibitor with a distilled water or MEK wipe prior to coating the panel.

Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for details.
  • Meets requirements of GMW14872, ASTM B117, SAE J2334, SAE J2721, ISO 9227, and VDA-233-102
  • Pre-cleaned and ready to use right out of the package
  • Often half the price of competitors' coupons

Stock Numbers, Standards Met, and Sizes
Stock Number Photo Meets Standards Size (W x L)
± 1 mm
(± 0.04 in)
± 0.05 mm
(± 0.002 in)
Box Qty
CXB-12-K A GMW14872, 9540P, SAE J2334, J2721 51 x 89 mm
(1 x 2 in)
3.00 mm
(0.125 in)
CXC-35-K B ASTM B117 76 x 127 mm
(3 x 5 in)
0.80 mm
(0.032 in)
CXD-2.76-5.90-K C* ISO 9227, VDA-233-102 70 x 150 mm
(2.76 x 5.90 in)
1.20 mm
(0.047 in)
Notes: * No Q-shaped hole
1. Box qty 30 includes 3 sealed packs of 10 each, extra set of plastic mounting hardware. Corrosion coupon rack sold separately.
2. Box qty 30 includes 5 sealed packs of 6 each.
3. CX-series coupons are only sold in quantities of 30. Broken boxes are not permitted.

Corrosion Test Chamber SCCH
Coupon Rack

Alloys, Mechanical Properties and Chemical Composition
  Type CXB Type CXC Type CXD
SAE Material Designation: 1008/1010 1008/1010 1006
ASTM Material Specifications: A1008, CS Type B A1008, CS Type B A1008, DS Type B
ISO Material Specifications: N/A 3574 Type CR1 3574 Type CR4
Roughness Ra (micro-inches): 20-25 25-65 20-44
Surface Finish: Dull Matte Dull Matte Dull Matte
Carbon (% max): 0.13 0.15 0.08
Manganese (% max): 0.60 0.60 0.45
Phosphorus (% max): 0.035 0.030 0.030
Sulfur (% max): 0.035 0.035 0.030
Custom Corrosion Coupons are also available in a variety of shapes, alloys and finishes.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Operating Manual with Wiring & Plumbing Schematics, 2 Specimen Support Bars per opti fog tower (Extra Available), Test Panel Tray (Extra Available), Start Up Kit (includes: 1-50 lb. bag salt, specific gravity hydrometer, 2-collector funnels with graduates per opti fog tower), Gallon Rust Inhibitor, Dl Water Reservoir, Salt Solution Reservoir with stand, 1-package filter cloths for water jacket, 10 gal. for humidifying tower, 24 gal. for SCCH20, SCCH21, SCCH22, 36 gal. for SCCH23 and larger, 55 gal. with Direct DI Feed SystemNote: SCCH-20-22 includes one Opti Fog Tower. SCCH23-24 includes two Opti Fog Towers.
SL-601020 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH20 Prices on Test Chambers
start from $13,530.00 and can only be quoted after configuration. Please request the Test Chamber Design Form.
SL-601121 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH21
SL-601222 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH22
SL-601323 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH23
SL-601327 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH23sl
SL-601424 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH24
SL-601428 Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH24sl
Corrosion Coupons
PP-201002 CXB-12-K Corrosion Coupons $96.00
PP-201003 CXC-35-K Corrosion Coupons 72.00
PP-201004 CXD-2.76-5.90-K Corrosion Coupons 131.00
PP-201102 Corrosion Coupon Rack for CXB Corrosion Coupons 288.00


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