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EasyView™ Light Meters

Compact and rugged design features large display

EasyViewâ„¢ Light Meter EA30 EA30: EasyView™ Wide Range Light Meter
High intensity light measurements up to 40,000Fc/400,000Lux. The EA30 Light meter sports a compact and rugged design and features a large display. Multiple wide measuring ranges: 40,000Fc in 4 ranges and 400,000Lux in 5.

Data hold freezes reading on display MIN/MAX readings. Zero function Cosine and color corrected measurements. Low battery and overrange indication. Auto power off to save battery life. Meter utilizes precision silicon photodiode sensor with 3ft coiled cable for easy storage.

EasyViewâ„¢ Light Meter EA33 EA33: EasyViewâ„¢ Light Meter with Memory
Highest intensity light measurements up to 99,990Fc/999,900Lux. This compact and ruggedly designed meter has a wide measurement range to 99,990 Foot Candles in 5 ranges and 999,990 Lux in 5 ranges with 0.001Fc/0.01Lux resolution.

Features include: Store and Recall up to 50 measurements with relative or real time clock stamp, Luminous intensity (candela) calculation, a ripple function that excludes stray light from the primary light source measurement, Multi-point average function, Timed Hold, Relative measurement in absolute value or % deviation, Comparator function with high/low alarms, and Auto Power Off with disable.




  • Model EA30 Features
    • Compact and rugged design
    • Widest range to 40,000Fc/ 400,000Lux is ideal for outdoor applications
    • Large display with bargraph, Relative function for zero or difference from reference value
    • Peak function captures short light pulse, Data Hold and Min/Max readings
    • Auto power off, Zero function

  • Model EA33 Features
    • Large LCD display with advanced illuminance functions and features
    • Wide measurement range to 99,990Fc (999,900 Lux) with resolution of 0.001Fc and 0.01Lux
    • Luminous intensity (candela) calculations
    • Store and recall up to 50 measurements, includes relative or real time clock stamp
    • Ripple function excludes the effect of stray light from the primary light source measurement
    • Timed-Hold, Relative in absolute value or % deviation, and Comparator function with high low alarms


Technical Data

Technical Data
Models EA30 EA33
Display Counts: 4000 count LCD 999,999 count LCD
Fc Range: 40, 400, 4000, 40,000Fc 9.999, 99.99, 999.9, 9999, 99,990Fc
Lux Range: 40, 400, 4000, 40,000, 400,000Lux 99.99, 999.9, 9999, 99,990, 999,900Lux
Max. Resolution: 0.01Fc/Lux 0.001Fc/0.01Lux
Basic Accuracy: ±3%rdg + 0.5%FS ±3%
Cosine & Color Corrected: Yes
PC Interface: -
Datalogging: -
CE approved:   Yes
Warranty:   1 year
Dimensions: 5.9x2.8x1.4" (150x72x33mm)
Weight: 8.3oz (235g) 11.29oz (320g)



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

EA30 - Meter with built-in stand, remote sensor with protective cover, protective rubber holster and 6 AAA batteries

EA33 - Meter with built-in stand, light sensor and protective cover with 36” (0.9m) coiled cable, protective holster, 6 AAA batteries, and carrying case.
LM-300503 EA30 EasyView™ High Intensity Light Meter $220.50
LM-300503/C EA30 EasyView™ High Intensity Light Meter with NIST Certificate 358.05
LM-410305/C EA33 EasyView™ High Intensity Light Meter with memory & NIST Certificate 457.80


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