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Durometer Operating Stands

7000A & 7000D

ASTM D2240 Type 2

Durometer Operating Stands Model 7000A

Model 7000A

Durometer Operating Stands Model 7000D

Model 7000D

The 7000A and 7000D durometer operating stands were engineered to fit all PTC® durometer styles. The Classic Style and the Ergo Style mount right on the stand. For the e2000™ and Pencil Style Durometers, a small mounting knob is included.

Mechanical operating stands that deliver a load sufficient to overcome the spring force of the durometer smoothly and without shock in approximately 1 second from contact. Most other mechanical stands apply an increasing load over time which gives inconsistent and inaccurate readings. Since rubber, plastic and elastomeric materials creep over time, it is essential that the load be applied promptly.

These precisely engineered durometer stands have hydraulic dampers controlling the rate of descent smoothly, without jump or stutter. They are activated with simple, smooth lever controls. Designed for serious testing, eliminating operator variability and increased accuracy and repeatability. Whether in the lab or in a production environment you will get accurate and repeatable readings you can trust.

The stands will accept sample materials up to 3" (76mm) thick depending on the height of the durometer used.




  • Hydraulically Controlled Rate of Descent
  • Cam Actuated Raise and Lower
  • Adjustable Specimen Support Table
  • Eliminates User Error
  • Increases Accuracy
  • NIST Certification Included
  • Indenter to Specimen (for 7000D)


Model 7000A - Operating Instructions for Pressor Foot Alignment ASTM Type A, C, E, O or Asker Type C

Durometer Operating Stand 7000A Diagram


The specimen support table is adjusted to test materials of various thicknesses. An O-ring fixture can also be used when testing O-rings. Custom fixtures are also available.

  1. The Operating Stand should be placed on a solid level work surface and checked with the bubble eye level provided. Adjust the work bench surface accordingly.

  2. Lower the specimen table down to the lowest position.

  3. Mount the durometer on the Swivel Head Adapter by gently threading it on the 8-32 treaded screw.

  4. The durometer presser foot to specimen table parallelism should be verified before testing. This may be accomplished by applying the durometer presser foot to the point of contact with the setting block on the specimen table and making adjustments by way of the swivel head adapter. (Operating the instrument under adverse conditions will negatively affect the test measurements.)


Model 7000A Technical Data

Model 7000A Technical Data
Weight: 36 lbs. (16.33 kg)
Height: 27 in. (68.58 cm)
Base Dimensions: 9.75" x 8" (234 mm x 203 mm)
Specimen Table: 6" x 4" (152 mm 101 mm)
Shipping Weight: 46 lbs. (20.87 kg)

Model 7000D - Operating Instructions for Pressor Foot Alignment ASTM Type B and D

Durometer Operating Stand 7000D Diagram
  1. Lower the specimen table down to the lowest position.
  2. Mount the durometer on the Swivel Head Adapter by gently threading it on the 8-32 treaded screw. Conical indenters (ASTM Type B and D) are easily damaged by making contact directly to the specimen table without a test specimen. Exercise caution when leveling the table.
  3. Place the setting block with 3/16" hole on the specimen table. Be sure to use the side with the .025" chamfer facing up.
  4. Position the Durometer within 1/4" above the setting block
  5. Release the operating handle allowing the durometer to settle on the setting block with the indenter placed in the 3/16" hole of the setting block. This protects the tip of the indenter from damage.
  6. Grasp the lower portion of the durometer body with the thumb and index finger and adjust the pressor foot so that it is flush with the setting block.
  7. Tighten the swivel head screw while holding the durometer body in position.
  8. Return the handle to the starting position.
  9. Remove the setting block.
  10. Set table height about 3/8" below durometer pressor foot.
Note: The durometer pressor foot parallelism to the specimen table should be verified before each series of hardness testing or if it is known the durometer is not parallel to the specimen table.


Model 7000D Technical Data

Model 7000D Technical Data
Base: 9 7/8" x 8"
Specimen Table: 4" x 4"
Weight: 45 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Shipping Weight: 60 lbs
Included Hex Keys: 9/64" / 3/16" / 1/4"


Included Accessories

Durometer Operating Stand Accessories
Setting Block 1 1/2" x 1" - 3/16" Hole Swivel Head Adapter



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

9/64" Hex Key, 3/16" Hex Key, 1/4" Hex Key, Mounting Knob for 200 and 500 Series Durometers, Swivel Head Adapter, and Setting Block for ASTM Type B and D Indenters

HA-7000A 7000A Durometer Operating Stand, for Type A, B, O and E Durometers $2,646.00
HA-7000D 7000D Durometer Operating Stand, for Type C, D and DO Durometers 3,087.00


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