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Circular Drying Time Recorder

Do you like watching paint dry? No, of course not, but when developing a paint or coatings system it is imperative to know just how long the process takes for it to dry or cure. That process is known as drying time, and establishing one is an essential parameter for Research and Developement (R&D) and Quality Control (QC) as it determines when a painted or coated part can be put into use.

Our GARDCO Ultracycle Circular Drying Time Recorder (DTR) is a simple and practical tool for use in the laboratory or a QC environment, and provides a robust and inexpensive method to control drying time.

The GARDCO Ultracycle Circular Drying Time Recorder can be used on any type of flat substrate, such as; wood, glass, plastic, metal or even drawdown charts. Which makes the DTR a very suitable instrument for many applications as it can be to be used with a myriad of substrates and allows the flexibility to make tests directly on your finished product. It is also important to note that drying time can be affected by environmental factors like temperature and humidity, and by using the GARDCO Ultracycle Circular DTR valuable drying behaviors can be measured and quantified. It automatically records these conditions with its built in temperature and relative humidity sensor, and eliminates the need for the user to have other instrumentation to document the environmental conditions.

Our Drying Time Recorder is also easy-to-use, just apply the paint or coating to your substrate using an applicator such as Microm Film Applicator, Mayer Rod or Bar Type Applicator. Immediately after application the DTR can be placed directly on the coated substrate and the testing can begin. The DTR uses a 10mm (3/8”) diameter Teflon ball stylus that is dragged through the coating, and as this is happening the stylus leaves a track in its wake. This track is later used to determine the drying time as outlined in Standard Test Method ASTM D5895. Drying time can be recorded from 1 minute up to 99 hours. Click here to learn more or purchase the GARDCO Ultracycle Circular Drying Time Recorder

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