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Wet Film Round Gauge Accessories

Article No. 14048

Handle Gardco Wet film gauge Bw Ergo

An ergonomic gauge handle available for use with the Gardco C, IC and Coil Coater gauge with the exception of the inmount type and skinny type. It offers a very comfortable precision grip handle that can be quickly and firmly attached to or removed from the gauge. It is useful as an aid in aligning the gauge on the test surface. When the gauge is used on a moving surface, the handle aids the user to keep his hand at a distance from such surface. It also may prevent the possibility of dropping the precision instrument onto a costly rotating roller. The handle is about six inches long and is produced from solid bar stock aluminum. The handle axle is designed to accept all Gardco produced Model IC, Coil Coater, and Model C gauges. The gauge is held in place on the handle with one of the gauge grips so it is readily removable for cleaning or reassembling for use of the gauge with grips only.

$237.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Made from solid bar stock aluminum
  • 6 inches long
  • Comfortable precision hand grip
  • Quicky  and firmly attaches to gauge
  • Helps align gauge
  • Prevents dropping
  • Accepts Coil Coater, Model C and Model IC wet film gauges
  • Easily removable 
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