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Article No. 13523

EIT Instrument Wipes 50/pk

EIT has sourced an industrial grade optics wipe that can be used for cleaning the optics on our UV measurement products. Careful cleaning of the outer optics will help your EIT instrument perform as designed between service intervals.

$49.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Contain a fast evaporating, mild solvent for cleaning EIT optics
  • Are non-linting and non-abrasive and are packaged in boxes of 50
  • Do not contain any detergents or surfactants to harm the optics
  • Stay individually sealed until used
  • Eliminate any contamination of the cleaning solution from material on the optics, transfer of adhesive from a cotton swab or other lab/ production activities using the same supply of IPA


  1. Examine the instrument to determine if it needs cleaning.
  2. Carefully blow or brush loose particles away from the optics. Handheld bulbs to blow air are available from camera stores.
  3. If needed, use "canned air" in very short (< 1 second) bursts from 8-10 inches or more away from the optics. Short bursts from a distance will minimize the transfer of any additives from the 'canned air' to the optics. If using compressed air, make sure it is oil free, "instrument grade" air.
  4. EIT suggests the use of gloves to prevent the transfer of oils from your hands to the wipes and possibly to the optics of the instrument. Handle the gloves from the wrist and not the part of the glove that will hold the wipe.
  5. Once the sealed package is opened, the wipe can be unfolded and the optics cleaned with a gentle circular motion. We suggest bunching a small section of the wipe to start.
  6. Move to different areas of the cloth wipe and bunch new sections as you clean. The Wipe is large enough that you may be able to clean multiple instruments. Properly dispose of the wipe.
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