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Universal Impact Tester Accessories

Article No. 11905

Impact Tester Base w/Die Cavity

This impact tester with modified base with dies cavity was made to meet ASTM D5420 (geometry GA, GB, GC, GD and GE) die configuration. 

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The indenter punch would be determined by which geometry you are going to use. The GD and GE uses a Indenter Punch, and the GA, GB or GC geometry uses the 11871 Indenter Punch. (2lb weight is required). The base on this Impact Tester has a special 3.25” diameter die cavity to accommodate the 11884 (31.75mm) and 11885 (76mm) die (Optional Accessories). It can accommodate all the standard size dies when used with the standard size die adaptor. It consists of the modified base and gravity tube. The operation of this instrument is the same as the regular universal impact tester and all die and accessories are sold separately.

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