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Taber Wheel Refacer

Article No. 14560

Taber Wheel Refacer

The Model 350 Wheel Refacer is used to refresh and standardize the contact surfaces of Genuine Taber Calibrade® wheels when they become clogged with debris. 

$2,657.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Fully enclosed tempered glass viewing window for better visibility
  • Fine pitch radial depth adjustment
  • Safety interlock cover with motor brake feature
  • Redeisgned enclosed provides improved access to work area
  • One piece wheel mounting spindle
  • Retaining nut includes integrated washer
  • Increased motor torque
  • Balanced hand crank with revolving handle
  • Shielded traverse slide
  • Independent Adjustment of diamond tool orientation
  • Tool storage
  • Intended for H-10, H-18, H-22 and H-38 abrading wheels, this instrument can also be used to true out of round wheels and correct ‘crowning’ conditions on both Calibrase® and Calibrade® wheels.


  1. The refacing diamond tool is mounted in an adjustable holder, which is supported on a shielded traverse slide.
  2. Abrading wheels are secured to an arbor.
  3. A durable, aluminum housing provides a stable mounting base for the motor to prevent chatter during operation.
  4. Attaching the Taber Abraser vacuum unit hose to the rear receptacle draws off abrasive cuttings.
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