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Taber Specimen Mounting

Article No. 10121

Taber S-21 Extension Nut

Taber Specimen Mounts are interchangeable specimen holders and mounting options available to evaluate materials not easily tested with the standard specimen holder. 

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  • The specimen holder (SH-125) provided with the Taber Abraser Model 1700 / 1750 will accommodate most rigid materials less than 6.5 mm thick. When used with the specimen hold-down ring (SH-101), flexible materials can be secured to the periphery of the holder to prevent the vacuum from lifting the specimen during the test.
  • All specimen holders are engineered with an innovative design that allows quick mounting and removal from the motor shaft. This enables the holder to be removed from the instrument so specimens can be inspected more closely.
  • Solutions for rigid and fleible specimens
  • Perform dry or wet tests
  • Test material thickness up to 40 mm with arm height extension kit
  • Anodized for greater durabililty

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    14684*Standard - test most rigid or flexible specimens; includes a threaded center post with a clamp plate and nut to secure rigid materials, rubber pad (S-19) for a non-slip surface. Specimen hold-down ring (14689 or 14690) recommended for testing flexible materials. For rigid specimens - 100 mm (square or round) with 6.5mm center hole / Flexible specimens - 125 mm with 6.5 mm center hole
    14685*Textile, Tensioning Type - similar to 14684, but includes a raised wear track to provide extra tensioning to the material when the clamp plate is tightened in the center recess and hold down ring is drawn down over the edge of the holder. Includes 14689 hold-down ring. For flexible specimens - 135 mm diameter with 6.5 mm center hole
    14686*Drive-Pin Type - use for rigid, square specimens that do not have a center-mounting hole. One corner of the specimen is positioned between two pins while two adjustable clamps are used to secure the specimen in place. For rigid specimens - 100 mm square
    14687*Sliding Mount - includes four adjustable mounts for testing four 50 mm square, rigid specimens. For rigid specimens - 50 mm square with one corner trimmed
    14688*Rimmed - includes a 7.5 mm raised rim to retain liquids, allowing you to determine the effect of absorbed or surface moisture on a material's resistance to abrasion. A rubber pad (S-19) prevents specimens from slipping during the test. For rigid specimens - 100 mm (square) or 140 mm (round) with 6.5 mm center hole
    14689Specimen Hold Down Ring "A" (108 mm ID) - for flexible materials. Use with 14684 or SH-12 specimen holder. For flexible specimens - up to 0.8 mm thick
    14690Specimen Hold Down Ring "B" (110 mm ID) - for flexible materials. Use with 14684 specimen holder. For flexible specimens - up to 1.5 mm thick
    10121Extension Nut - use with 14684 or when sample thickness is 6.5 mm to 12.5 mm. For rigid specimens - 100 mm (square or round) with 9.5 mm center hole
    14691*Arm Height Extension Kit - accommodates specimen thickness up to 40 mm by raising the position of the abraser arms. A set of 6 shims is included to ensure the correct abraser arm alignment, and positioning of the abrasive wheels. For a rigid specimens - 100 mm (square or round) with 13 mm center hole
    *Intended for use with Taber Rotary Platform Abraser Models 1700 or 1750. Specimen holders are available for older style Taber Abrasers. Contact Taber Industries for additional information
    10124Mounting Card (108 mm square) - made from rigid card stock, coated on one side with pressure sensitive adhesive to affix to the specimen; a test record form is printed on the backside for permanent record of the test. Useful for testing flexible specimens that may wrinkle, stretch or bunch.
    10125Mounting Card (108 mm round) - similar to 10124, but round.
    10126Mounting Sheet (108 mm square) - coated on both sides with pressure sensitive adhesive. One side can be used to affix to the specimen and the other to provide a non-slip attachment of the specimen to the specimen holder; a test record printed on both sides enabling them to be used as a mounting card. Useful for testing materials difficult to drill a center hole (such as glass or ceramics).
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