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Article No. 10054

Specimen Table Universal Complete

  • A versatile specimen mounting system for the Taber Linear Abraser which includes three interchangeable heads.  
    • Standard Vise Head with nylon jaws that offer "gentle holding power" and open approximately 57mm.  
    • Wide Opening Vise Head with jaws that open approximately 150mm ribbed.  Neoprene jaw pads provide a sure grip on large items, and when reversed will provide a "V" grip to hold cylindrical objects.  
    • Fixturing Head, a flat surface 135mm in diameter.  Six slots and six 1/4" holes permit specimens to be attached to this table.
  • The Universal Specimen Table incorporates a low profile mount that includes a "split ball" design.  This allows the vise head to be tilted, turned or rotated for specimen positioning. 

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