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Article No. 11779

Persoz Pendulum Certified

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The Persoz pendulum is made from an open framework with an upper cross-bar that has two stainless steel balls inset to form a fulcrum. It also has a lower cross-bar that forms the pointer. The damping time, in seconds, for the oscillation amplitude of the Persoz pendulum to decrease from 12° to 4° is measured.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Models:Persoz Method (11779)König Method (11778(
    Product Description:Stainless steel pendulumStainless steel pendulum with adjustable weight
    Weight:500 gram200 grams
    Pivot Balls:2, made of tungsten carbide,
    diameter 8 mm
    2, made of tungsten carbide,
    diameter 5 mm
    Distance Between Pivot Balls:50 mm30 mm
    Oscillation Period:1 second1.4 seconds
    Deflections:From 12° to 4°From 6° to 3°
    Damping Time (on glass):Minimum 430 ±15 seconds250 ±10 seconds
    Counting Method:Oscillations = timeOscillations and time
    Number of Oscillations:-179 ±7
    Min. Sample Dimensions:50 x 71 x * mm50 x 55 x * mm
    Max. Sample Dimensions:105 x 200 x 11 mm 105 x 300 x 8.3 mm
    *The minimal thickness is not defined. The sample needs to be rigid! For thin samples a fill plate is required to allow the sample to be in contact with the measurement plain.
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