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Article No. 13538

Vacuum Pump

Oil-free vacuum pump. The absence of lubricant and oil in the piston makes it maintenance free. 

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Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Model:AB3675 Vacuum pump
    Max. Power:65 W
    Max Current:0.7 A
    Max Vacuum:-680 mmHg
    Max Flow Rate:23 l / min
    Moisture Trap:Yes
    Vacuum Regulator:Yes
    Overflow Protection:Yes
    Motor Rotation:1750 RPM
    Horse Power:1/8 HP
    Noise Level:50.0 dB
    Hose Barb:8mm, 5/16 inch
    Net Weight:144.6 oz (4.1 kg)
    Dimensions:10.6 x 5.3 x 8” (26.8 x 13.5 x 20.4 cm)
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