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Re-Circulating Chiller Unit

Article No. 13303

MFFT Re-Circulating Chiller, 100-240 Vac

The Re-Circulating Chiller is used with the MFFT and it is Plug and play,  simple to install and  no programming required.

$7,695.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • For use with Rhopoint MFFT
  • Ultra-compact design
  • 0.5kW at 20°
  • Simple Operation
  • Low cost of purchase and operation
  • Universal 90-264 VAC input voltage and 50/60Hz input frequency
  • Automatic overcurrent fault-cleared restart mode
  • Vapor compression technology
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger evaporator technology
  • Continuous running, duty settable, low temp fridge cutoff control methods

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Physical Attributes
    Physical Dimensions (LxWxH):435 x 180 x 380mm
    Weight:Dry 20kg, wet 21kg
    Noise level (dB(A)):64 (optional manual adjustment)
    Cooling Capacity (setpoint 20, ambient 20):0.5kW
    Temperature Control Attributes
    Duty at +20°C ambient, Setpoint +20°C (kW):


    Duty at +20°C ambient, Setpoint +15°C (kW):300
    Refrigerant & Charge:R134a, 360g
    Temperature Range (standard):+4°C to +35°C (setpoint dependent on load)
    Temperature Stability (with constant load):±0.1°C
    Maximum THR (Total Heat Rejection):850W
    Maximum Ambient Air Temperature: +35°C

    Water Circuit Attributes:

    System Volume (L):0.64
    Pump Type:Sanso 24VDC brushless centrif pump 1.9bar(d/h) 3L/min (o/f)
    Pump Capability:3.5L/min @1 bar
    Standard Fittings:Pushfit 12mm
    Standard Chemical Compatibility:Tap Water, DI-water
    Electrical Attributes
    (90-264Vac, 1~/2~, 50-60Hz) U-spec: Yes, 2A@115Vac, 1A@230Vac, L+N+E or L1+L2+E
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