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pHastrode pH Electrode

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Epoxy body electrode

The pHastrode pH Electrode is used for paints and inks and gives fast, accurate, and incredibly stable pH readings, as well as excellent temperature response. Its design incorporates a flushing mechanism into the reference junction assembly of a standard epoxy or glass body pH electrode, activated by pushing the spring loaded cap. 

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"pHastrode" electrodes, by nature of their design, have a faster flow rate past the reference junction than most combination electrodes. A faster flow rate enables the electrodes to work particularly well in slurry applications where clogging is prevalent, as well as low conductivity solutions which require faster junction flow rate for stability and accuracy. Additionally, several pH measuring membranes are offered enabling each user to customize the electrode for their application. Measuring viscous, oily, dirty, non-aqueous or sulfide containing samples quickly ruins most pH electrodes. The "pHastrode" solves this problem with a unique, flushable, reference junction. When the sample blocks or fouls the reference junction, a quick press of the "pHastrode" cap opens the junction, flushing clean the reference element and restoring like new electrode performance. 

Technical Attributes

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    Temperature Range:Epoxy version 0 - 80°C. Glass version 0 to 100°C.
    Response Time:3 seconds to 98% of final value. (Dome bulb - 5 seconds to 98%).
    Drift; Accuracy:Stable to 0.005 pH per 24 hours.
    Reference:Double junction, sealed inner, refillable outer.
    Measurement Range:Type 3 glass - 1 to 12 pH. ("hard bulb" for viscous materials, slurries)
    Lead Wire:3 foot standard, up to 10 foot available
    Connector Type:BNC standard with many others available.
    Size:12mm OD x 150mm L
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